All those big ideas, gone.

We’ve all been on the cusp of an enormous mental breakthrough, an idea or concept so phenomenally huge, that if we stop thinking about it, or if we are interrupted then, poof. It’s gone.

Why do people say ” a train of thought”? Is it because they are easily derailed? Is it because the thoughts flow so freely, so effortlessly, numerous as they are fast, that the thoughts themselves represent the carriages? The answer could quite possibly be the latter, but we can get deeper than this, can’t we? Perhaps, but we are getting off topic, it tends to happen when I’m quite in the mood to dribble some serious shit.

Back in Ideas Land...

Some of my brilliant ideas have been:
A solar powered phone charger, that comes with an adjustable intensity screen.

A direct plug-in for the brain to instantly record incredible ideas. This one would have made me rich. I would have bought a Mickey D’s and made a profit in heart attacks.

Electric socks for those cold winter morns. With matching electric undergarments. Theoretically sound and viable

Left handed pens and pencils.

An engineer who can help me build my conceptual, perpetual energy prototype.

Dual, overlapping revolving doors. Effortlessly spin from one door to the next, getting lost in a dance with a Damn door.


Celebrity Combat. Basically it’s a game where you make Justin Beiber try to fight Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Celebrity suicide. Pretty much the same thing, but making Justin Beiber or Kanye West jump off; A building, The Grand Canyon, Into a pit of broken objects or out of a plane. The aim of the game is to cause celebrities pain. THE MORE DAMAGE, THE HIGHER YOUR SCORE 🙂

Start up a YouTube channel with me, your host, guiding you through the worst games in history. Games like E.T. The extra testicle on the Atari.

To act as a critic for my friends, being harsh but fair and taking large payment in my efforts to shatter their dreams. This isn’t profitable, not unless I was Simon Cowell.

To make an “easy to follow” guide on “hard to follow things’ Also commercially viable and sound.

To write a blog full of useless crap, purely for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. And I will, watch me.

Posted from somewhere amongst the tangled interwebs….


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