The Roses song

Fresh baked bread and pastry filled the air. Sweet cinnamon and sugar scents lingered in the doorways of the small shops flooding the stretch of main street. Coffee, eggs and bacon coming from cafes and the low buzz of murmured conversation from the patrons within. Now he smelt it he was hungry. Bacon and egg burger with a coke to wash it down. Fucking delicious. Where is that music coming from? A low, almost inaudible sound that got lost with the song of the city. It’s song is so sweet it’s giving me goosebumps, my mouth is dry and…. looking down at his hand, -my finger doesn’t hurt anymore. He listened, turned his head east and walked slowly up the street. Past Maria’s coffee hut, along the footpath of main and even the music from the buskers couldn’t compare to the mysterious song that beckons his heart. He followed its song, it’s not getting louder as such, but it’s getting clearer, it’s not words as much as it is of energy, a feeling of awe and love swept through his body and then he saw it. A single rose, stood in the middle of a florist. Heavy red petals and a thick stem, tall and strong and Growing in the middle of the floor? He wasn’t the only one listening to its song. The small shop was crowded, people jostling around each other to stand closer to the rose, he felt an elbow in his rib, and when he turned around to see, he saw the flash of fire and everything went dark. Screams and terror. Running and crying while the man in black chuckled and put a heavy boot over the singing wonder in main street, full force of his weight bearing down on the delicate petals, but the rose didn’t budge. He tried to ignite it with magic, nothing. Not even able to conjure in the presence of the rose, his powers were moot. He tried to coax the flower onto dying, but his words fell on deaf ears as the song grew louder, the man in black covered his ears and tried to think. The song was excruciating, tearing through his bones and rupturing his brain, and with a thought that was almost too hard to conceive, an idea so simple even a mindless child could have done it, he simply held the roses stem and pulled it from the floor. The song faded, the people on main cried and The man in black laughed again. With a twist of his hand, he vanished from the world and back to whence he came. Back to Mid-World, where the pillars were falling, and the song of the rose, would never be heard again.

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