My mission

Howdy reader, I want to give you a brief rundown on what makes me tick, what I like and what I’m passionate about. I’ve always wanted to tell a story like Stephen King, Ian Irvine, David Wong or R.L Stine. These authors have been the premium influence on how I write and spin a yarn. I love being taken away on a journey and that’s exactly what I hope you find here, an immediate escape from the daily grind and harsh realities of life. Something more than a tale, something that if you find yourself inspired to add a side story, feel free. My inspiration for this tale comes directly from the now eternal The Lord of The Rings, and  Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series. I started reading the latter work while I was waiting to die in a horrible plane crash on my way to New Zealand for a couple of wintery weeks of sightseeing with my ma. I was instantly hooked, “Gunslinger” stole my imagination and Roland’s Ka-tet, Billy-Bumbler and all stole my heart. If any character suffered more than Roland Deschain of Gilead, it would have to be Jake Chambers of New York. I won’t say much about what happens just in case you decide to try it for yourself, and when you do, clear your fucking schedule. You won’t be doing a thing for the next few days. I’ll leave it at that. I hope to make you laugh, cry, have public outbursts of rage at what you’re reading and most importantly, I hope to capture your imagination, the way mine has been.

Currently working on “The Wanderer”. An epic tale of loss, heartbreak, redemption and self discovery. Set in a desolate world where mutants roam the world, and bands of human survivors fight to stop an evil force from the void , set on releasing hell and claiming the earth.

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