Sarah’s Tale.

The first soft fall of new winter snow lands on the delicate, slightly freckled shoulders of an unprepared Sarah. Stepping from the airport in little more than a summers day get up, long fingers wrapped around the strap of a thin handbag, she shivers and calls a cab to the sidewalk. She blinks, the cab swings in with the wrapped driver bundling out to open the door for his scantily clad affair, then peeling out down A.P Drive to The Sunset City with heavy snow threatening to spill through blackened clouds of the night time sky.

12 hours ago, Sarah was in a tropical paradise enjoying the last few days of her work retreat, frying steaks on the barbie and chucking salad to the side. Now, she was walking through her front door, slipping off her shoes, letting out her already loose hair and turned on the light to the bathroom. In another 2 days she would be back at the office, discussing the events of the couple of weeks just past and vow to do it again next year. Already regretting attending the event, the situation being she was in the office for 2 months and then the “mandatory annual work retreat” arrived and she had no choice but to go along and make the most of an awkward situation.

I’m not quite sure on what to do with Sarah at this point, will she be a victim? Protagonist? Murderer? I’m not sure, hmmmmmmm…. And yet I wonder…. Maybe she will be a section in The Wanderer. Yes, she will be. Fuck it. Its decided.

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