Did mobile gaming kill mainstream handhelds with friendship?


I consider myself a gamer. Well, I used to be. That was before I got my hands on my first iPhone. Before I stumbled across ‘Kingdoms at War’ and an assortment of others. The decline to my less than religious gaming status began when I discovered KaW.

sourced from Kingdoms at War forums

The game itself was new, shiny, a little rough around the edges with gently swaying hips and ludicrously engaging. As the fan base grew and evolved, so did the mechanics of the game, shaping to what the players wanted and talked about in the forums and local chat channels.

As simple as a ‘tap tap’ is, the players are helpful, the moderators informative and forums where you can find anything to do with the game, from a KaW Dictionary, to fan fiction, ideas for new features and events, guides to equipment and where to find them and anything else you can imagine.


This game had me hooked instantly, I found a helpful clan, met some incredible players and have them as friends on social media, literally watched the game grow as I did, watching the rise and fall of Zaft and Umbrella Corp, along with the in-game feud. To a degree, you either were for Zaft, or against them. Everyone has an opinion on notorious families and alliances and these divides span other games developed by the ATA team. Its incredible. I’ve never had such complete and entire dedication to a game, from a console game, pc or otherwise. I’ve met real people who have interesting stories and when you play a game for 5 years with the same groups of people from all over the world, they tend to turn into something more than names on a screen. It got to the point where we started making private chat rooms on other apps to keep clan chat private from guests and where we plan war strategy, strips and farms, exchange pictures and joke around.

The reason I stopped playing console and hand held games is because of mobile gaming, playing with people, forming alliances and immersing yourself in a ‘still growing’ universe isn’t something you can accomplish with Call of Duty or Halo.

These games take a lot of time to progress to leaderboard ranks, and if you can sacrifice time for money, then you can get there faster. But there is a difference between buying something for a boost during a promo, and dropping hundreds, if not thousands of dollars into a mobile game account, something you don’t technically own.

But hey that’s the price we pay for happiness, and I’m happy to pay small amounts to play, because it’s not a prerequisite of the game, it’s an option. And with the right team by you, you don’t need to spend absurd amounts for results.

So we finally wind around the long track and reach the point I was initially trying to make, I prefer my phone games for the people I play with and the way the games shape to the players. As opposed to hunting down particular people via console or PC networks to get a game with a friend, it works better for me this way. Mainly because I do it for the people, not the game.

So my question to you is, do you have a game where the people become family and clans become home? Or a game where you spent a stupid amount for something you got bored of? If so, share. I want to hear it. That’s not even scratching the mechanics of the game or what the objective is, its just a pleasant surprise I’ll write off as a perk.

My home clan. Stop in for a visit 🙂

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