Taken and buried.

The car park was empty. Deserted. The last patrons of the day had taken off hours ago when the final call for shoppers to wind up their shopping, gather any lost children and make their way to the check outs sounded out over the PA. A single sheet of paper fluttered on the slow breeze, marking the arrival of a polished black van, lights dimmed and idling silently.

The van pulls up, less than a whisper to the ear, next to the Mickey D worker with the door open. 3 men jump out, balaclavas covering faces, revealing dark eyes and gritted teeth. The bigger mask pulls a billy club from his hip, cocks his arm back and lets the baton break bone and loosen teeth, the sickening thud to you brings a smile to the other two gentlemen. The taller guy utters a laugh while the shorter pulls out a taser and sticks it to the shattered face of old mate Mickey D.

A bloody gurgle just manages to escape his lips, earning him a ‘shut the fuck up’ and another swift volley from the baton, this time to his ribs. “Tase his nuts, I wanna see this cunt squirm”, barely more than a whisper, the excitement and adrenaline barely contained as the skinny man makes his orders. Big mask chortles to himself as the smell of singed hair and flesh rose into the cold night air, bringing back memories of when him and skinny took their first contract, that first near fuck-up from the van rolling backwards. Fucking Big forgot to put the park brake on, it rolled into a parked car and set off alarms. They panicked and shot him where he lay, then bundled him up and drove to the farm.

Old mate Mickey D is a blubbering mess on the floor of the now moving van, sliding off the highway down backstreets and  towards the trotting tracks. Skinny, Big and Shorty had this planned. They watched this guy, given information of his whereabouts by the contractor, noted his route home and who he went home to, tailed him 4 times, each time he took a slightly different route, depending on the lights, traffic flow and urgency. If he bothered to look in his rearview, he would have noticed the same van, every route, every shift, following like deaths shadow, casting his cold over your soul and stealing your light.

So now they have old mate Mickey D tied to a pine backed chair, wrists strapped to the rests and legs to chair legs. Looking through a shattered eye  socket, trying to breathe through a broken nose and swallow through a broken jaw, his pain was immense. He had learned by now to suppress his groans and moans, each one earning him a punishment worse than the last. He can hear his breathing, hoarse and shallow, each breath burning into punctured lungs and broken ribs, slowly filling his lungs with his own blood, fighting for breath he didn’t want, if only to stop the pain. A slow creak breaks the silence in the shed as the three masked gentleman return, and they aren’t empty handed either. Mickey D caught a flash of steel in the air before he felt hot metal cut through his forearm, slicing bone like butter and again that smell of charred hair and flesh.

He couldn’t take it anymore. He begged for them to stop, to end it. He was crying, pissing his pants and about to shit himself to top It off. Skinny just laughs again, slaps him open handed and tells him to stop being a bitch, before he shows him what real pain is. Mickey D begs again, ‘please, Ill do anything, please’. Skinny regards him with a thin sneer and gritted teeth and says, “I was hoping you would take this path, we have an offer to make.” Mickey is eager to hear the offer, willing to do anything to get him out of this bind.

So Skinny calls in Big, and Big lumbers in with a bundle over his shoulder, a bundle that’s spilling platinum blonde from her head, her soft brown eyes terrified, darting around looking for possible escape. Big throws his bundle from his shoulder directly at Mickey D, Mickey groans again and the new comer finally realises what she landed on, the bloody heap that was once her boyfriend now deathly pale and close to death. Skinny speaks up, “if you want to leave here Mickey, you have to sacrifice the girl”. Platinum takes a sharp breath that ends in it being knocked back out of her, with a fast boot to the face as she doubles over, unconscious. “She’s out cold mickey, I suggest you make your decision now, her or you?” Mickey makes his call, he sacrifices his girl for his own life. Skinny steps forward, spins the chamber to his six shot revolver and takes sight, “sorry kid, nothing personal with you, you’re just a means to an end”…. And the shot rings out into the silence, ending the first phase of the contract.

Mickey has regained some consciousness and some of his wits, he asks about his freedom and is greeted by callous laughter from the darkness, “you were never going to make it out alive Mickey D, your girl could have if you had been a man, but you’ve made your decision.” Low whimpers followed by a sputtering cough, ‘you’re dying Mickey, slowly but surely. Youll be dead within the hour and its going to hurt. Every breath that sustains you, you’re going to wish was your last. Until you meet your end, you are going to suffer.”

With mickey still tied down, his girl bundled up in blood soaked rags in the front of the loader ready to be taken to the offal pit, Deaths three gentleman turn and walk out of the shambled stables and back towards the main house a couple of fields away, the first rays of the morning sun touching the earth as Mickeys last breath gives out.

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