The mountains of Isotole.

The shrieks of bobcats rang out through the densely packed forest, birds took flight as heavy paws cracked dead twigs against compact snow. His breath fogging the cold night air as he tasted the wolves wet, musky scent on his tongue. -They won’t be far away, if you can taste ’em, they can- and before he could finish his thought, sensitive ears pick up a smothered step of pads on ground, instinctively he rolls to the left while drawing his sword from his right hip, sword drawn he spins 180°, takes the top half of a skull off, ducks, rolls backwards and when his feet touch snow, he springs forward, planting his blade through the gullet of a second. A third wolf is watching from the shadows, waiting. The warrior knows, so he drops his sword as bait and leans over one of the freshly cut corpses. -they still have streaks of silver in their fur, they aren’t even a year old. We haven’t had new wolves in the mountains for 300 years, not since the last raid, brought on by a pack attack and repaid tenfold with red vengeance.- now the final wolf had circled around, the hunters sword by his side with his eyes elsewhere. He can sense it’s there, can feel its rage burning into his mind and as the rage peaked, all that was seen was a flash of silver as a hatchet found its mark on the brow of the beast, peeling back scalp and dropping the final wolf.

Freshly skinned wolf adorned his back, the 7 foot beast with razors for claws and and the teeth of a shark still dripping blood along the snow back to SnowSpire. Pine trees with a blanket of white frost lined the bank of the frozen lake, the wind barely a whisper as it passed through the trees, scratching branch against bark with a hollow scrape. The pebbled shore with its frozen stones reflected the stars above, a million eyes glittering off the darkness beyond as light bounced off bizarrely formed rocks. The wolves in these parts were different to the hunter, they were savage beasts, smart, sentient. With the same needs as man and the same desires, every now and then women are attacked as they scour the forest for edibles, mauled by wolves and raped as they slide into deaths cold embrace. Sometimes a victim survives, yet they would be better off dead with what’s growing in their womb. The wolves were once men, and this is how the origin of the wolf comes into play and shapes the destiny of our protagonist.


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