Life’s a game, wanna play?

Corporations collaborate with corrupt officials and independent third parties. As a people, are we truly comfortable doing as we do? Utilising primitive modes of energy and resources for profit, for war and public manipulation? We know there are ways to sustain industry without compromising the integrity of our planet, in fact we have means of not only sustaining ourselves, but being able to bring balance back to our environment. Solar, wind, hydro and geothermal, just to name a few.

As obvious as this is, the catch 22 seems to be, ‘If we suddenly abandon all fossil fuel and high emission energies, the economy will suffer, it will crumble. We can’t replace every means of power simultaneously”, but we can gradually, but not as slowly as the governments and media would have you believe. Citizen scientists and engineers would gladly throw into a project like this, to bring about independence from a toxic means to an end.

But as glorious and simple as this seems there are other forces at work. Did you know there are generators that run on urine? Why aren’t these open source and readily available for the public? It could be they are, but its far more likely that “Independent Third Party” has bought the patent and suppressed it from being produced to keep money flowing into Government and Corporate pockets via established and profitable means.

I might sound like a conspiricist, I probably sound perfectly normal and logical, but the fact remains, we have the means to produce a healthier way of life, not only for us, but for the generations yet to come, the countless animals we displace for our mines, quarries and other marvels that make us believe we are the ultimate force.

The same applies for pharmaceuticals. Fuck me, this world is a cluster fuck, we poison ourselves, we enable our governments and leaders to manipulate, lie, extort and mislead us.

We allow media to divert our attention away from serious issues with articles in celebrity suicide and what a “tragic loss” it is. Why do we put so much stock in others and so little in ourselves? How many people can honestly say they KNOW what they want, know what life means to them? How many of us have our eyes open to the corruption and greed? A handful of men run the world, while we work for them like ants. There must be a better way to live. Where is the spiritually? I see religion and war, but not acceptance and peace.

I know what I want from life, I want nothing more than to be happy. I care not for expensive material possessions, nor for social status and fame. What I want is to write, stimulate, entertain, capture, question challenge, and offend you. I want you ask you, “Do you understand where I’m coming from?” Do you fucking get me?

Life should be joyous, its a rare and sacred thing, in not only a spiritual sense, but a scientific one too. Why treat it as anything less?

I hope I made you think. I always do… It never ends…

Posted from somewhere amongst the tangled interwebs…. #farmington


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