Inappropriate/stupid things

Here is a list of inappropriate/stupid things you shouldn’t say or do.

Tell a beautiful girl you have to do your washing instead of hang out. Like a fool.

Suggesting that the man threatening to jump from the roof should put some spin Into a flip is a bad idea.

Fight an Emu.

Asking strangers on the street if they have a moment to talk about our Lord and Saviour, Captain Planet.

Running with the bulls (into the flow) endurance marathon.

Naked paintball.

Lawnmower haircut.

Hijacking the PA at the supermarket, to advertise a special on testicles.

Double park in handicapped bays, without a permit. Just for kicks. Pun intended.

Ask the busker to keep it down a little, I’m trying to sleep… ***proceeds to crawl under the bench

Teach the bids at the park new words…

Offer alcohol free, hand shandies.

Take a survey of “Scrunchers vs Folders”

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