Religion is a cancer. Race shouldn’t be an issue.


First off, let me congratulate and welcome you to the most enlightening thing you will read today, if not in your measly and pathetic existence. From here, you will most probably be insulted, offended and appalled. But that’s the point, if you don’t like my opinion, feel free to tell me 🙂 Enlighten me as to WHY you feel differently.


“I’m a logical man, I’m given to science. Forgive me, I know religion Inspires, but too many have government and political ties, with state of the art warfare to bridge the divide.”

Religion has fuelled more war and violence, hate crimes and domestic attacks than anything else on the planet.

From religion, we get interpretation. Interpretation can be a powerful thing if the words are formed and spoken by one who’s skills can ensnare and capture the audience, can simply shift a point of view or forcefully enforce a new order through persuasion, fear and manipulation.

As cancerous as the religious growth is, it’s not without its entertaining and flawed belief system. Seeing as how there are so many religions, all claiming to be ‘The One True Path’ let’s take Christianity as our example.

Roughly 2000 years old and being the youngest of the mainstream religions, based on the teachings of a Jewish man, its hard to believe that this faith, this baby faced lie, could hold any weight in any debate.

Come on, you see the insanity? That’s not even scraping the top of the barrel. All these religions, these faiths that preach love and acceptance, yet are ready to kill, maim and rape those who believe in a different faith, have proved it throughout the course of history, time and time again, all stem in one way or another from paganism. I suggest you look at #Zeitgeist.

Interpretation and personal gain is the key to the success of different beliefs, and usually the aforementioned go hand in hand with corruption, misguidance, manipulation and misinterpretation. Religion is superstitious nonsense with no physical scientific evidence to corroborate any claims of a single creator. The system is flawed, the belief is naive and to even consider it is preposterous.

Without religion to fuel hate and greedy governments that collaborate with corporations and private parties, who’s foundations are based on these outdated and superstitious beliefs (don’t you swear before God in a court of law?) and finance the wars, not only wars of a religious nature, but wars of extremist sects and the innocent, wars of police against gangs and drugs, and wars against Personal Freedom, I think the world could know peace.

Its a simple and as clichĂ©d as, ‘No religion, Heaven on Earth’. Imagine it, no religion means no conflicting beliefs and no oppression. I’m not saying ‘Let’s live like savages!!’, because that’s not it, without religion we can focus on this scientifically mystifying, impossibly and completely random occurrence of life we All take for granted.

If we are lucky enough to be blessed with life through an unfathomably massive, series of random chemical reactions that gave birth to the universe as we know and all it holds, we should treat it as such. Life is sacred in a spiritual and scientific sense. Believe me, we haven’t found sustainable life out there yet, and its not because of ‘grand design and life being exclusive to us’ either.

Live every day with wonder, question everything, investigate shit that conflicts with your beliefs and think outside that ‘washed and conditioned, soft, hair brained, follicle topped, thick as a brick skull of yours’. Wake the fuck up.



Want to know what makes your skin darker than mine? Its not intelligence or athletic ability, its not physical prowess or animal magnetism, its not even religious beliefs or political interests. Its melanin, genes and background.

Melanin is our body’s natural protection against ultra violet rays, those people native to warmer, tropical environment develop a darker tone over time, and I mean generations if the people make themselves at home and stick around, but anyway, as time progresses, generations pass and slowly the body starts to, what we in the educated community call “Adapt”.

By adapting, the survival rate of the people rises as they evolve to varying degree to deal with somewhat less effort, the harsh environment and the elements themselves. You could call it evolving, survival of the fittest, or the purple dotted samba for all I care, the fact remains the only difference between races, is location, genes, and evolution.

Racism stems from religion, personal environment and experiences. We are all born, made of the same organic composition, all breathe the same air and live on the same planet. And yet again, we are too busy fighting amongst ourselves to really appreciate the majesty of life and the wonder the planet holds.

So instead of saying ‘Go back to where you came from’, try saying “I wouldn’t mind visiting that part of the world, I’ve heard it’s beautiful and the people are friendly and welcoming” because chances are, different cultures have a different perspective, and everyone is different in a small way to everyone else.

So hear me when I say, I know what the meaning of life is, I know how to live life and be fulfilled, I know, that if you want, you can be as happy as I am. All you have to do is drop your faith in a mythical deity, embrace your brother as your equal and enjoy this world some of us have evolved enough to realise, what a treasure it really is. 


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