Poor Jerry

What’s been on my mind lately is Fear. Everyone has a fear on one level or another, from an exam at school, all the way to sitting the big finals, clearing the top 3% in the country to soar with flying colours, into a prestigious ivy league school, along with the exclusivity and perks, of being in a sorority or fraternity.

How about deadlines? Do they not cause the heart to beat just a little harder as the days pass,? At first one hour trickles by as it turns into 6. Before you know it 12 hours flutter by, you’re back at home, already making the most of your limited time by looking at cat memes on Google, while you play your favourite tunes on YouTube.

A lucky bet on the way to my less than adored, “Soul Crushing Fortress of Misery” turns out giving up the better part of $25,000 with which we split between us, then we take to The Casino. The drinks go down smooth as the lights get brighter and the music gets louder…..48 blurs into 72 as we try to recover from the strippers and cocaine……..

96 hours……. D.E.A.D.L.I.N.E…… But we already handed our shit in over 24 hours ago….. So we wait for Jerry to abandon his last minute entry on top of the bosses desk, turn the light off, closing the door behind him whilst he lumbers through the front door, then into the carpark beyond.

So once “Mr. Merry Jolly Jerry” has left to go celebrate “A point well missed”, we make practical use of the term, “Silent as the wind” to ‘breeze’ back into the office, planting photocopied butts and testicles in Jerry’s ‘Oh no, it’s so vulnerable and left undefended’ presentation…

So deadlines are another thing that instills fear into the hearts of mere mortals, what else? How about a fear of dying? Plane crashes, car accidents, drowning, heights, cramped spaces, the dark or large crowds, it doesn’t matter. Every single one of these “Fine Modes of Transportation” or “Ideal Locations” is, in one way or another, a cause of fear in most people.

That’s the end of that. I’m buggered.

Posted from somewhere amongst the tangled interwebs….


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