Insubstantial Qualities

In an epic tale, a carefully crafted masterpiece, there is usually a personal note to it. You might not realise at the time, as your eyes flick over the lit screen but rest assured, even when wide peepers spot a sequence of words that makes your hair stand on end, or your heart beat faster, someone is pouring pure passion onto the page, their heart and soul, along with most intimate parts of themselves.

Its no easy feat, and to assume so is a fool’s game. I’m easily distracted by the wonders of the web and the secrets it holds, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less dedicated to my work, I’m just fucking around a little, I should be collecting the bits for my debut, instead I’m farting around. I know what’s keeping me, it’s the anxiety of beginning something I’ll be putting my soul into, my heart and everything, its the fear of not being good enough, not rejection, but not up to my own standard. It’s going to have to shine.


Posted from somewhere amongst the tangled interwebs….


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