Long day.

Its been a long day. I sit here at 6:30pm, watching the sky turn a deep indigo and feeling the evening breeze set in, I can’t help but feel complacent. I can hear but a few birds chirping, a lone cicada making its high pitched tune and the breeze in the trees. To trade this day for any other would be a mistake, even if I don’t feel as happy as I should, I am happy enough. I have good friends, a beautiful and loving mother, with high hopes that some day, I will be complete.

If there’s anything I took away as a lesson from today, it’s don’t procrastinate. To even postpone for a minute, is a minute that we will never get back. If you have something important to say or do, fucking do it you pussy. No one can say whats on your mind, nor should they, and if you don’t start making affirmative action a habit, it will never be second nature. I’m not one to preach just yet, but I’m working on it. I’m working on a lot of things. So stick with me, I’m sure you’ll learn just as much as myself.

Oh yeah, I’m covered in pizza sauce. And tomato sauce. And quite possibly cheese. I’m a messy eater.

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