(Sh)it happens.

On a 2 week holiday visiting the ancient world and its wonders, through military checkpoints with his papers being thoroughly examined each time, he finally makes it to Cairo. He lands at his small hotel, checks in then prepares to settle in for a big day of sightseeing and jaw dropping tomorrow.

Feeling refreshed and pumped for a cultural experience, John laces up his boots and makes his way to the stalls and merchants, only an exciting walk away, with a head full of wonder, he begins his unwittingly cheerful and slow walk, to deaths door.

1 hour later…

Rubble, spent shells, and the corpses of men, women, and children, littered the small bazaar, doubling as a spontaneous killing field, found in in the busy and packed outskirts of a bustling Egyptian metropolis.

A consistently dry, yet occasional breeze blowing the copper heavy scent of blood through the air to Johns broad nostrils. Thick bases flaring as stale desert air pushed the thick aroma to his receptors, bringing about a moment of remembrance, as the sounds of the here and now, are muffled down to the smothered sound of a phone speaker through a thick blanket.

Feeling unconsciousness set in, his sight going black, and his life giving out, he cast his final thoughts back to more pleasant times. Back home, recent light summer rain with the accompanying thunderstorms brought about a welcome release, from the otherwise dry summer. Lap settled on by his work worn, black and white sheepdog sally, relentlessly licking his face while trying to doze on the couch, a smile settles on his lips as he finally succumbs to his wounds. Just another innocent victim, in a radical political coup.

I’m a little tired and hungry. I have to eat.

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  1. …and this is why I’m happy in Australia. I’ve done my fair share of travelling, but as I get older I realise I don’t want to see that. Yes, I’m probably poking my head in the sand, but the alternate is sticking my head out. Great work 🙂


    1. Thank you Stacey 🙂 I’ve not got much experience in the world, but I can imagine some of the horror out there, when I consider the shit I’ve seen, and the stuff I’ve read about. The world is a tragic place at times.

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      1. Yep…pretty much. I’m lucky I did most of my overseas travelling before it was really bad. There are some nice places though that are safe…you just have to look really hard 🙂


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