Clash of Clans. A tribute


Firstly, let me start off by welcoming you to a post dedicated to the Mobile Phenomenon that is, Clash of Clans. A game developed and released by SuperCell on Android and iOS, then swallowed whole, by the population of a large continent. If you want to talk about strategic playing, look no further.

Clash of clans is a highly addictive and engaging discovery I made almost 3 years ago, while looking for a game to fill the regen time in KaW, as mentioned in, “Did mobile gaming kill mainstream handhelds with friendship?” Now, since I first started my journey, I’ve encountered some really incredible players and clans, the developers constantly update and release promo events, while I sit with baited breath, awaiting the update and new set of builds. I was hooked from day one, I’ll keep playing till the servers are shut down or I die.

I started when the game had been out for but a few months, so it was still relatively buggy, updates led to more glitches, and the game evolved to suit what the players were lookin for, which was to wage  war and lay waste more frequently to our enemies. Unfortunately, I lost access to my account for 6 months in my first year, and then again for 3 months earlier this year. Its hard to get back on top.

As with every new expansion to the realms of clash came new features and ideas, and again, the developers listened. This ladies and gentleman, is what makes a strong and loyal fan base. Many games imitate Clash, yet none of them even come close. Not even “Boom Beach”, which is a title by the same team, but not up to my standard of play.

As with every game, you have veterans, and veterans have usually got the mechanics of the game down pat, can offer solid advice and make the environment that much more engaging and enjoyable to new players. Having someone to show you the ropes, guide your growth and donate sweet troops, is an amazing thing.

Many new players make the mistake of rushing, which is where you hastily upgrade your town hall, to unlock more defences and resource builds, without maxing out currently unlocked spells, troops, storages and camps, thus inhibiting you ability to successfully defend against other, more dedicated and powerful players. Every upgrade effects something, whether that be the quantity of available loot from raids with each town hall upgrade, or premature changes to the clans overall statistics, which in turn throws out the rhythm the game uses, to find a clan of relatively similar strength for war.

I’m gonna post various pics of clan chat, global chat and raid results 👊


Some players are too generous…


And the mechanics….. Simply beautiful


Cleared a million baby 👊


War base


The struggle of war while a hero is down…


A random pic from Clash’s Instagram account. Available here


Another massive haul


Curly from my old clan, hilarious bloke 🙂


My best attacks in a day


Talking to Jesus in global chat…


Massive haul

And so you have it, Games and writing. My two favourite things beside a few adult activities 😉 Happy Clashing all ✌

Posted from somewhere amongst the tangled interwebs….


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