Sands of madness.


This is a rough concept of Jansens (the main from ‘Wanderer, a trial of ka’) enemy Wicker. I had a massive idea while writing the subsequent text below. Mind blown. But anyway, this is the first of his written story, in my head, he has already done terrible things.

Stars, scattered far and wide across the vast expanse of a purple, velvet sky. Stray wisps of clouds, barely noticeable as he scanned the dark landscape. With monstrous sand dunes rising up in the distance, pushing against the horizon to kiss the stars. The already loose earth giving way underfoot with each step and eventually, he would walk into an exponential mass of sand with each swing of the hip, and the lumber of the following leg.

As cool as the night is in comparison to the scorching heat of the day, a man called wicker stops to wipe a sweaty brow with a fraying rag. The heat retained in the sand giving taint to the saving winds from the south, blown over the cool seas, only to be chewed up and blown out with heat as it hits the desert. Making the most if what little comfort he could get, he unloads his pack from his back and digs inside. Pulling a weatherproof, rolled up pad, and unfurling it in front of him, he lifts up the slip running over the top and slips inside, sleeping in the large, flat topped branches of the few remaining ancient trees.

Wicker moaned in his sleep, Jansen’s solemn face, dancing in front of his eyes as he called him out, “Wicker, you’ve forgotten what you are meant to be doing, you have forsaken your mother and forgotten the face of your father. You need to atone for your misguided actions and the consequent effects.”
Wicker spits a venomous laugh and curses the man he is chasing across the desert, across DeadWorld, the worlds that lie outside the dreams, and curses his fathers wretched name along with his cowardice.

Eyes rolling in their sockets, and his temples throbbing with veins, Wicker hears the dark beyond the dream call to him, beckoning him to escape the prison of his dream reality and take the gift he would need to kill Jansen. ‘Not now’, he thought to himself, but soon. Once he makes it some way across the death and scavenging beast riddled sands, he would go outside his dream and make a deal with the Crimson King.


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