My hilarious call from The Department of Human Services.


Aussies know. DoHS, aka The Department of Human Services is the fancy name for social services and welfare, and today I got a call. It was the strangest call of my life, I thought it was a prank call from my mate, and I’ll get to that in a sec, so bear with me..

3.15pm my phone rings, its a private number and as everyone knows, I’m a huge fan of mystery calls and surprises. I answer the phone, excitement filling my voice and with stars in my eyes ☆ ★, I take a deep breath, (aaaaahhh) and answer the mysterious caller in a whispered voice of uncertainty….

‘Good afternoon, am I speaking to a, Mr hope?’

That you are, what can I do for you?

How’s it going mate, my names Lachlan, and I’m calling from The department of Human Services in Canberra, I was wondering if you had time to hear about some information in regards to workplace ???? (By now I’m starting to think this is a joke)

Hahahahahahhaa good one lachy, you almost had me, I thought this was a legitimate call you bastard. Hahahahaha (still laughing heartily)

(Laughing from the other end of the line)
I’m sorry for the confusion but I really am calling on behalf of the DoHS and according to our records you qualify for…. More laughter my end, disbelief and uncertainty

Hahaha Good try my man, I’m sure you’re messing with me, I’ve got a mate called Lachy who pranks me like this all the time (laughter from his end), and he usually gets me, but not this time mate hahahaha

Mr Hope, I’m serious, this is a legitimate call and if you would like me to call you back, or I can give you my number to call me, you will see this is actually the DoHS and we have a few questions in regards to workplace supplement funds, and were wondering if you were interested in finding out more about it?

Hmmmmm…… I’m still not sure mate, Lachy fucks with me like this, and he’s very convincing. Alright, fuck it. Run it by me”

So he tells me about a few things, he’s still chuckling about it as he’s telling me, then he asks me if i want him to send me a link to the site and I gracefully decline, because I’m still not sure, knowing Lachy, he would send me a link to some nasty shit and I would have deserved it for falling for such an elaborate prank.

And so concludes the story when I thank the mysterious joker for the laugh and he chortles again and says, enjoy the rest of your afternoon, mate. I let him know I always do and well call this one a draw, the response is more laughter fading out to the hum of a dead line.

I’m still wondering if it was legit. Maybe I should call Lachy and see hahaha.

Thanks for reading the most exciting thing to happen to me today.

Posted from somewhere amongst the tangled interwebs….


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  1. I can never tell when those sort of calls come in whether they’re legit or not. Did you ring Lachy?


    1. Not yet haha, I’ve been swamped today. How are you? Keeping well?

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      1. Flat out. Need more time to read 🙂


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