The Love of Art.


    Original image kindly provided
     by Tiffany, sourced from her
    Instagram account. Edited by
                Lynden J Hope.

Welcome, one and all to my dedication piece, to the Glory that is known as Art. Throughout the entire world, what we consider art is more than simply sketching or painting a pretty picture, its about turning a passion into a creative outlet and giving life to something new.

Sometimes art is produced out of a work that is by no means any less wondrous than the original, but the original itself inspires one to create from an existing


piece, or more often than not, a work created out of nothing.

          Image sourced from here

Let’s start with architecture. From the precise, mathematically entailed design, to its incomprehensible process of ground and handwork. To the end result, either that being a humble home, an extravagant palace, the hauntingly beautiful cathedrals, or a towering spire of business. Its clear that to craft something so extravagant, takes an initial commitment of devotion and love to breathe life into something that can fill us  awe.


Architecture is ‘Just the tip, baby. I promise’, all bad puns aside, another fine example is mechanics. The science of technology has progressed to a point where mechanics plays a vital role in our day to day lives. Something car enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to do, is forge themselves a spot as a new breed of artists by taking the passion of fine tune and performance and turning it into something incredible.

Music is something that transcends language barrier, just like maths, it’s universal. When we listen to our favourite songs, it speaks deeper then the ears hear, and it reverberates to a point deep within us all that gives us goosebumps and our heart beat harder. To take a seemingly random sequence of notes, and combination of chords to produce a kind of energy that soothes us, is a creative means of directing passion through a constructive outlet. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like music, and if I do, I shall bid them a firm ‘Good day, Sir!’

I don’t even need to introduce our last subject, but for those of you who feel they require the formality, let me introduce my good friend, Writing. Writing and I go back quite a while actually, while I wasn’t always writing, I have always had a love for reading, and occasionally, listening. I’ve been a bookworm for as long as I can remember, it didn’t matter if it’s a book, the net, magazines, words carved into tree trunks or otherwise, I love it. But writing is a new front that I have taken seriously. So before I go on too much about myself, let’s get on with it.

The art for writing lies within the crafting of the words themselves. If the first sentence doesn’t capture the imagination, then the chances are, the reader won’t have much interest in continuing the journey. Sentence structure is the most important thing for writing. It does not matter if you’re the most brilliant mind on the planet, if you can’t structure a paragraph and keep the reader going, then you need to revise and reflect. I think this last bit was strong enough to prove my point, that structure is key.

And so concludes my dribble about art and what It is for me. It is everything.

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