Remembered Lover.

I own this image.

Its almost been a lifetime, and I still can’t stop thinking about Her. I think back to the first time when we were together, back to when I had her beautiful body, spread semi-naked across my bed and her name spread across my heart. The flickering candles cast wavering shadows, with light catching her hair as it cascaded down her pale, smooth, breasts. Light freckles dotted snow white skin, and I couldn’t help but imagine how she would look sleeping.

Her scent flooded the small room, adding to the preexisting, highly tangible mix of passion and lust that radiated from me as a result from her brief touch. Delicately soft lips parted as a sigh escaped from between gently clenched teeth as I kissed my way from her jaw, down her neck, and to the centre of her chest, fingers barely dancing over her exposed belly, bringing forth light, involuntary spasms that made me want to bite into her, letting her feel how badly I want her.

She giggles as my hand runs up the inside of her thigh. Her petite pelvis pushing up, trying to tempt me as I guide my hand over her lace, barely touching where the fabric meets the skin, feeling the smooth surface of her bikini line under my fingers. She rolls onto her side to look at me with her bright eyes, trying to run her hand under my shirt, me stopping her before I lose control and give myself to her completely.

She looks hurt, the orbs of her life, sparkle with the rooms limited light as she pulls her bottom lip between her teeth, giving her a pouting kind of look. I know she isn’t upset, she’s testing me, and I won’t fail. She will be the one to beg, not me.

Rolling her away from me with her back to my chest, I wrap my arms around her, pull her close and rest her head under my chin, breathing in her candied perfume and lust, feeling myself getting harder as my heart pumps faster. Left arm under her back and coming around again to push the hair out of her eyes, as I plant a brush of lips on her forehead, making her smile and press against me even tighter.

I can feel her thrusting against me, And I’ll tell you, I wish I didn’t enjoy playing these games, the teasing and sensual foreplay, the pent up want from fantasising about her all day, just imagining this moment, this now. Its almost surreal. Again I breathe deep, inhaling her everything, feeling her against me and I push back against her, I can see her smile as I lean against my elbow, silently watching her expression as I touch various parts of her.

This time, she turns around to face me. She looks into my face and tells me she wants me, I can tell she does, the way her hands are running over her belly and legs, her ankles locking together and her breath catching as I slip off the bottom half of her evening attire, sliding down her legs as I do, pausing just long enough to kiss her exposed pink flesh, again watching her contort under my touch.

With her lace slipping off her feet and her naked body spread before me, i continue with my game and kiss her exposed lips in earnest, feeling her swell and sweeten. Soft skin smooth against my lips as I delicately run my tongue over the points that make her shake, pulling away moments after I start to tell her, I’m not done playing yet, and only good girls get punished, so she better behave…

I won’t get into much more than that unless requested. I’ve never done something like this work before. And I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Posted from somewhere amongst the tangled interwebs….


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