An unsent text


I wrote this a while ago. I could never find the courage to press send and I’m still kicking myself.

So if you ever read this, forgive me, but I can’t stop thinking about you.
I still think about you, my ‘colouring-in’ girl. Even if you are dating a compete fucking idiot. Fuck me, he even pulled this shit on his own brother. And you wonder why there is hostility between them, between us. You’re both to blame, but this isn’t his first offence, and he usually leaves them worse off than when he found them. I would still claim you as my own, I don’t know why, but I would. You’re under my skin and I miss you.
The unsent message.
I want you. Regardless of this bullshit. I’ve wanted you from the moment I saw you. You stole my heart sweetness, then broke it. I’m conflicted with how I feel. I mean I like you, but I hate the way it seems you played me like a chump. It still hurts, and for some reason that’s beyond me, I still want you for myself. I imagine I will until you tell me directly you want nothing to do with me, that you’re sorry and you did play me. I fell for you, so fucking fast and you just watched me fall, while you took a step back. Tell me I’m wrong about how I think you feel. One chance. Take it with me, I won’t ever let you fall without catching you.

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