A tribute to life and those who live it.

When I think how little I’ve accomplished in the way of world and life experience, I can’t help but feel a little shame. I have a large number of friends who have done incredible things. From my buddy Moses leaving behind the same coastal hub as myself, to flying to London, working abroad for 2 years, some of it in association with Gordon Ramsey, coming back to Australia and joining a team who recently won distinguished awards for quality food. To my friend Jester, who flew to Japan 9? months ago, has traveled the country, experienced the culture, and last I heard, he was opening his own cookery over there and scored himself a girl.

Those two prime examples aren’t the only ones I have as inspiration to start my own journey. Almost everyone I know has done what I’ve only dreamt of, but have been too scared to try, but I’m past that now. I’m taking off and starting my own epic. Another inspiration is Kate. She has been flying to and from Norway, she’s doing amazing things, meeting amazing people and experiencing a different way of life, so with all these people as a good example, I’m stepping out, and I don’t think I’ll be coming back. So farewell people, its been a blast 🙂

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