The following story will probably confuse the shit out of you, it has me and it’s my tale. The timeline is all messed up, some of the events you are yet to read about, may have happened in a different order. It was a long time ago, and my memory is dodgy at best. I’ve had many heartbreaks between then and now, and I imagine, still more to come.

Long Ago, before my kids, and long after my first school heartbreak, there had only been one girl who could completely capture my imagination. From the day I met her in town when we were 16-18, and then again a few Years later when she came over to visit my housemate.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She was attached, sexy, and eyeing me off. Only a blind man couldn’t see the immediate attraction. Hahahahahaha, holy Jesus, its been nearly 10 years, the better part of a decade and even though we ended a long time ago, her very presence stirs chemicals In my blood, overwhelms and conquers my brain.

I remember the first time I met her, I was at the bus station In town with mutual friends to meet some other friends. She was with her boyfriend, who looked like a beached fish with glasses. We were introduced, I told her I thought “Admiral Ackbar” looked interesting, and asked what exactly appeals to her about him. I clearly remember her saying “His Glasses”. We were teenagers, maybe 15-17 years old, partying, getting into some serious shit, and experimenting with various illicit substances, while embracing our youth and freedom with gusto.

So i think about 2-3 years pass when we meet again when she visits my housemate. I’m drumming out the back, she just so happens wander out with her new boyfriend on this occasion, sits at the table, smiling like the seductress she is, and doesn’t break eye contact the whole time while I’m beating the skins.

I mean, here we are again, the same vibe, the same sexual tension and the same fucking obstacle, a boyfriend. But it’s written on her face, she wants to fuck me, “old mate new squeeze” could see it. Hell, it was written on mine and I don’t remember making any effort to hide my interest. Sadly, she had a guy and I respected that.

After she took off, my housemate comes in and tells me, “She thinks you are so fucking hot, she couldn’t stop staring at you”, (this I already know, she couldn’t stop looking at me a couple of years ago either). I give my best voice of disinterest and say, “she was alright. Too bad she has a boyfriend tho”.

So a few months pass before I see her again and she is single, well sort of. She was seeing someone, a girl I knew growing up, and it was nothing serious I do believe, so I decided to take my shot, invite her into the caravan for a session, where I can get her alone for a bit and talk.

We are having a quiet smoke when a couple stragglers come out to see who’s in the van, after popping their head in, saying “Howdy”, and then leaving again, we are left to our darkness, to ask a million questions, and to resist the temptation of kissing her…

I struggled to keep my hands to myself, just wanting to brush her leg with my hand when I moved, anything really to let her know how I was reacting to her ecstasy like effect. My heart was racing sitting leg to leg, sharing a cigarette while talking, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep it together, when her only catch, opened the door to see where she was.

It probably looked bad from her and I’ll use the term “girlfriend”, in the broadest possible sense of the word here, and it probably was. My intentions were to further my chances of wowing this girl and getting her into my life if possible. I was drawn to her like a moth to flame, I would have burned in hell happily for a fleeting chance, and it would have been worth it. I’ll also tell you, it was.

A few weeks later after hanging out and shooting the shit, I told her I want her to be my girlfriend, she agreed to give it a whirl and give it a whirl we did, for a couple of years. We had our ups and downs, I made a good friend in her brother and its been a good 10 years still. Even after we split, had a few encounters over the years and even got each other into trouble, we still get along as well as we ever did. She’s natural, gets me, and is a storm in a teacup. She also happens to be mentioned as ‘Temptation’ in “Weekend is only halfway thru….” So if you can piece it together, see the history and just how fucking crazy this world is, you’ll understand. Maybe. But then again, I am quite possibly insane. Ask anyone hahahahah

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