I have a story to tell.


As the title suggests, I have a tale to tell. An epic masterpiece in progress called life. In this story, I’m departing from my hometown to work my way across the country, and then across the sea to New Zealand for a couple of winter weeks with my ma and my brother 🙂

So far, I have work lined up in a small fruit hub, I’ve got a house organised and a pocketful of dreams. I should have done this 10 years ago instead of fucking around and being an idiot, getting locked up and playing with my life like it’s all good. I woke the fuck up, I’m out of here and I am not lookin back. 

From my enduring tango with Kate, losing Simone, to my love for Tahlia, my disaster with a wonderful woman called Megz, and finally my Beautiful Disaster, my muse and my almost sweet ending, Caitlin, I’m done with risking myself and my love so I’m moving on. As it stands,  an equal factor in my decision to leave is my heart ache. I wish I had pursued Kate back in highschool, I wish I had done a lot, but as it is, what’s done is done and the only way is forward.

Jesus, I don’t know what to say. All I know is you’ll be missed. I’m sacrificing more than any of you could understand, I’m temporarily saying goodbye to my children, I’m leaving behind those who hold my heart and saying goodbye to a number of other incredible people. I’m chasing my dream, I’m saddened more than I can say but the silver lining is apparent and that’s a better life for those I love.

I’ll make my way back, I’ll be able to do monumental things for my babies and I’ll prove every single last of you who doubted me wrong, and I’ll do it with my dick in my hand while flipping you off 🙂 Don’t believe me? I’m already doing it sucker, keep watching.

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