The Dark Tower series by Stephen King


As always, let me welcome you to my blog yet again faithful followers, today I’m doing a review on the first book in Mr. Kings crowning achievement called Gunslinger. The first in a seven part series with side stories spread throughout his entire published works. If you’ve ever read “Salems Lot” and the entire DT series you would put the links together. Same with hearts in Atlantis (low men in yellow coats), truly gives insight into Ted’s journey when he makes his temporary  escape and meets Bobby in an alternate world.

I don’t even know where to begin. I mean the man’s a genius and for an unknown to try and praise his work, is an intimidating feat, I hope I can do it justice. So, here we go…

Meet Roland Deschain of Gilead, a gunslinger on a quest to find the Dark tower, to save the pillars of the world and all the worlds within and to redeem himself in the process. I instantly liked Roland, he was withdrawn, calculated and remorseless, the traits needed to successfully complete his task and survive.

I can’t tell you too much, but if you love spaghetti westerns and epic tales of loss, love and redemption, this is the book for you. I originally started reading the series whilst waiting to die in a plane crash on my way to NZ a few years ago.

Reading about him slaying an entire village of religious nuts brought tears of joy to my eyes and a little sorrow to my heart, here is a man as lost as the guy writing this, and without Jake Chambers of New York, ka tet of the 19, to open him up to himself, I imagine he would have never made it.

From his initial betray of Jake, to drawing him back into the world via Eddy’s specially carved key, Roland grows as both a man, and a character. Yes, I said a man because what he does is no easy feat, and I don’t think I would be able to make the decisions he made on his journey, even to save myself.

His adventure starts in midworld. An alternate world where a super flu wiped out 99% of the population and send the world back to the days of cowboys, magic and fantasy. The world is moving on, and Roland along with it.

To save himself and the Key world, he has to defeat the Crimson King and his supporters while trying to keep his “ka tet” together. I’ve adopted these terms into my own life because I connected with the characters in such a way, that they all made me think of myself and the traits I share with all of them.

From Susannah aka Detta aka Odetta, and her multiple personas, to Jakes child like wonder and his cold steel when it come to testing his mettle, (I should mention Jake is only 9-12 years old in the story and the trials he faces), far exceed my own.

This is the worst review in history Hahahahahaha. Fuck, how am I meant to serve wonder if I can’t do spoilers? But bear with me like I’m standing with grizzlies and I’ll keep writing.

Look, all I can say is “Read Gunslinger”. If you enjoy that, then you will love the rest. He started the series when he was (19?) A young man and he wanted to produce an epic that would live as long as The Lord Of The Rings, and in my opinion, it’s a lot better. I’ve read countless pages and Stephen King’s work is the best I’ve read. I’m an educated fool, I love fantasy and fell in love with Roland as soon as he walked across my eyes and into the desert of Midworld.

Not much of a review I know, but trust me when I say it’s amazing, its sad and its very funny. Eddie dean, the once heroin addict who is stolen from his world by Roland is a hilarious character and made me laugh out loud countless times. I didn’t like Susannah much, probably coz she was a little too psycho for my liking, but she was still an incredible and memorable character.

I’ll leave I at that coz I’m just rambling on and doing fuck all with this review. I rate TDS 10/10 and am re reading it now. Please, I implore you, start reading it, but clear your fucking schedule because once you start, you won’t stop till the last page. I didn’t 😉 I should say Mr. King makes numerous appearances throughout the series and the whole journey is amazing. Forget whatever else you’ve been told. This is the series to read.

Keep on trucking mother lickers, I am. Thanks for reading 🙂


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