A passion for murder…

Fictitious tale of brutal murder.

He walked down the steep cream bricked driveway, along the retaining wall on the right and to his front door. The first thing he noticed was the stained glass quarter panels on the outside of the frame had been smashed. The second, was the shadow that appeared silently on the wall next to his, and before he could even turn around or utter a breath in surprise, he took a clout to the the side of the head, the incoming knuckles wrapped in moulded iron and the impact already causing the crimson to flow in earnest before he had even hit the ground.

I just stood there and laughed, I mean, here was this rude cockhead, he disrespects my mother by acting like he doesn’t know her when he goes into her work to get his car cleaned.
He has the audacity to tell my children’s mother to cut me off, and he is just a plain old, boring ass cunt. He deserves what’s coming to him. I’ve got a world of pain lined up for your now lumpy ass head. Every tear I cried, every moment I missed, every word learnt is another nail in your iron coffin. You fucked with me mate, I warned you… Don’t fuck with me or I’ll crucify you.

Reaching down to the limp and aged frame of the old man on the ground, his head dented like a kicked in biscuit tin and a pool of blood claiming his face as a new land, he pulls the garage remote from the pocket of Old G’s zip up hoodie. Pressing the button, seeing light from the ascending door spill onto the dark driveway barely around the corner, he reaches down, grabs an ankle and drags his newest victim into the now open, and soon to be, grave of Old G.

“Oi. Oi, old mate. Wake the fuck up, we have matters to discuss, you and I”. I kick the bastard in the ribs and hear a piercing CRACK. I laugh again as he squeals out in pain. “Shut your bitching, you’ll be long gone soon enough and then I’ll be satisfied. But before you do die, I’m going to enlighten you. You’re wife is in here. Do you want to know where?” His brown eyes, getting black under the eye, the blood had slowed and his wits were coming back. He looked scared, and he should be, because this man is about to die. In barely more than a whisper, he chokes out, “Where is she? Where’s my Mary?”

Hahahahahaha, more laughter from me as I flick the main switch on and light floods the room, illuminating the disembodied parts of her anatomy, nailed to the 4 walls of his garage. Old mate let’s out a choked cry and vomits all over his pants. “I wouldn’t worry about her, you miserable old fuck, I’d worry about me, and what this fucking psycho is going to do to me. Gravy?”

Fuck you is his response. “You already tried that, and look what happened to your wife…. Did you forget you have children you’ll be leaving behind? I’d watch my mouth if I was you, Dad. Because we know how much trouble it gets you in.” “……………………….” That’s what I thought too, watching this pathetic worm cry and sputter was infuriating, but I enjoyed it. It’s the way he started to beg that I liked best, the way he tries to appeal to my “human” side. Mate, I’m little more than a rabid beast these days, and my love for you and your family is less than shit to me. “Oi, old mate, check this out” I open the passenger door to his late wife’s SUV and throw the head of his cat into his lap, “mittens looks happy to see you, if she still had eyes in her head. They’re in the ice tray in the freezer, they’ll make good cubes while I sip my drink, watching you bleed out through your neck and dye the pool’s water.”

And that ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap 🙂 Thanks for reading. I like killing people from time to time (In my works). Especially those based on real people 🙂


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