Clash of clans. Christmas Edition.


Hahahahahahahahaha. Oh my Godzilla, ladies and gentlemen. Oh. My. Godzilla. As you can tell I am excited. I am ecstatic. I am, but one hour away from exploding with splendiferousness and joy.

It’s the Christmas update for the one and only, Massively multiplayer, online role playing game, Clash Of Clans. This means new decorations and seasonal obstacles that decorate the village. Snow capped Wizard Towers, Archer Towers, Inferno Towers and everything else existing in the base.

We get Christmas trees that drop presents of elixir, the trees themselves are worth a fortune when you cut them down (but if you’re like me, you collect the different decorations throughout the entire year, so it looks awesome to people who want to raid you). It’s marvellous. I love it, she loves it, he loves it, and you should love it too.

In this update we get….
A bigger village space.
An extra 30 seconds raid time.
New Town Hall 11 Eagle Artillery.
Freeze spell available at Town Hall 9 instead of 10.
Level 3 Witches. 15 skeletons Max.
And some other shit I’m forgetting, I’m not a developer. Just a fan.

However there is a downside. And… There is only the one that I can think of and that is, 25% less loot from raids. Which isn’t too bad considering we can tackle inferno builds at Th9 🙂 And the dark elixir is usually worth its weight in gold, if not more.

What I’m most excited about is…. The whole damn lot.. You couldn’t shake a stick at the amount of how excited I am. To try and do so would be an insult to both myself, and the team at SuperCell. So save your energy, it’s taking a lot of restraint to sit here and not jump like Tom Cruise on a couch, but I don’t want to look like a Dickhead. So I sit here in silence, quietly raving in the corner, hoping SuperCell doesn’t fuck me in this.

Thanks for the reading all, this is Farm, signing off and waiting to clash.


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  1. rachel says:

    woah. i didn’t realize you were such a nerd.

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    1. Yep 🙂 still know how the mechanics work for Pokémon too. IV and EV breeding, natures and special abilities. Shit, I love it all. I still play the yugioh card game too… Im a gamer… Regardless of platform 🙂 kids need to back up, before I drop the hammer. I’m a veteran gamer, 20+ years… Dedicated. Yes. I am that nerdy.. 🙂

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      1. rachel says:

        i like the way you own it. carry on with your nerdiness. 💋

        Liked by 1 person

      2. And I shall 🙂 off to work now but I’ll return 🙂 have a good day :))

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