The wayward hairs on her head sticking out like a sore thumb. All the frantic patting in the world couldn’t help, not in this wind, so I offer her my hat which she fumbles and drops into a puddle. I wasn’t fazed. I knew it was an accident so I shrug it off and offer her “It’s all gravy, don’t sweat it, these things happen” she gives me a watery smile to go with her threadbare embrace as she turns to leave. I ask her to wait for me.. She gives me until noon. I look at my watch and it’s bang on the dot, “Today or tomorrow?” Her reply is “Yesterday sweetheart, but we missed it. It’s ok though, we still have our regrets and memories, I’m sure you’ll be one I regret not taking, but as it is, I’m sorry.” And with that, she turns into the oncoming traffic and out of my life yet again. Gone.

Inspired by Illicit Chrysalism.


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