4 days is too long…

Good evening all. Good evening indeed. Tomorrow is going to be huge, I can’t enlighten you to the explicit details as such, but I will be busy. In the last 4 days, I have worked, temporarily incapacitated myself slightly, travelled to Bunbury, called a good friend and abandoned all else I had set aside when I heard his dog was sick.

My good mate Lewi had to put his 2 year old dog down due to illness and he is devastated. I had only known Sprocket for 6 months but he was a good pup. He had a wonky eye, a golden coat, and Lewis heart. I was there when we took him to the vet, I was there when he made the call to end his suffering, and I will still be there.

To say I enjoyed my brief time home would be a lie. To say I’m glad I was there for my buddy when he needed me, is the truth. This is another post going nowhere but once my thumb is back to its usual function and position, that being, “buried firmly in my ass doing fuck all”, I shall write a tribute to honour the late Sprocket and pass it along to Lewis. Back to Bunbury tomorrow to do a few things, see a few people, and break some hearts. Oh yeah… I have another blog going too 😉 wink wink


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