The poison that was home.

It’s a sudden realisation. As soon as I got back to Donnybrook I realised Bunbury is no longer my town. My people have nearly all but faded, my dreams that were born in the coastal hub have died and most saddening, is the fact I’m not the person I was when I left. I’ve grown. I feel like I don’t fit in and my aspirations are vastly different than of my brethren. To say the least, I’ve started to grow again and its a good feeling. The knowledge of passing out of childish dreams and into the realm of my singular reality, is a powerful thing. I almost feel aware. Conscious.

I have but a few people left in Bunbury that I care for, the rest I’ve alienated myself from due to being a paranoid and reckless moron, making stupid decisions, ruining the best friendships I’ve known and shaming myself.

It’s not all ‘Doom and gloom’ though, there is a bright side. I’ve made a few new friends, got a new haunt and established a base of sorts. I’ve got support here, I’ve got opportunity and the chance to live as I’ve always wanted. Writing. With my second blog already going well, the only theme is thoughts. Nothing as personal as what you’ll find here.

So with two mediums to focus energy from, I feel my elusive book can be produced twice as fast, with a firmer foundation and fairly selective genre. I think my coastal hub is a bit behind me and where I’m going, time to cast it to the side and focus on that ocean. Stay happy folks. It’s been an enlightening week. A tying week. One that has opened my eyes and pushed me further.

Posted from amongst the tangled interwebs…


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