Toothless git, brainless halfwit.

Sourced from facebook

Some people. Some people I’ll tell you. Take old mate Green teeth for example. Has the audacity to make light of my mates dog passing, me telling him to shut his fucking mouth, then three days later sends me a message, the contents which I won’t divulge due to him looking like he has a mental disorder, which is possible. Considering his neglected dental hygiene and rotten gums. Shit could be eating into his brain. Probably is.

But anyway. 3 days later he tells me I’m arrogant, that I’m lucky him and his friend didn’t punch my teeth in (at least I have teeth). You really ready to get physical because I told you, you’re a Dickhead? And with the help of someone who isn’t involved in the conversation in the first place? Speaks volumes of your processing capabilities, or lack there of.

So please, before u want to snap at me, threaten to knock my teeth in and tell me I’m on drugs, make sure you have teeth, make sure you yourself aren’t on drugs and have rationally considered the consequences of fucking with me.

I’ll crucify your degenerate shitbag bullshit here. You’ll know its about you, the readers won’t. So listen to me when I tell you, You’re a fuckhead mate. You’re going nowhere and you hate yourself for not having the will to change. That’s your issue. Deal with it.

Still sitting around that table? Smoking and wishing you had it better? Change your shit. Don’t hate on me because I’m proud I’m not stuck in that shit anymore. Speaks volumes about my character, not about yours. Or your girlfriends, or your housemates… Sitting there… Doing nothing…. Being less than nothing.

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  1. Deb says:

    Wow, it must have helped to get that off your chest. What writing helps us do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It does wonders 🙂 I’ve learnt now, this is my medium. This is where I shine 🙂 Writing is beautiful

      Liked by 1 person

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