As quiet in regards to how quiet a small country town is, it’s still a fairly bustling place. School holidays have kicked in yet there’s no kids around. It’s business as usual as the adulting adults, do adult things around the town. It’s sunny, the birds are chirping, cicadas are clicking, and the bees are a-buzzin’. Meanwhile, I’m sat in the gazebo, in the central park, in the centre of town. Currently enjoying the wind, observing the locals as they go about their business, and contemplating heading down to the book store. Should have brought an old book to trade for another Stephen King one. 9:38am.

After I departed from the park, I headed over the road and down between the furniture shop and bank towards the little river, and slash or brook with the assumed name of Donny. I gotta tell you, I was expecting much less. I rode down the footpath, onto the wooden walk bridge, down to the river bank and along the backs of the properties there and some of them were magnificent. The bank itself was expansive, shaded and the worn down grass and compact earth made riding a breeze. I’m going to head back there later for some creative writing. I’m at the shop under the shade of the extended patio, enjoying an iced coffee. 10:09am.

Arrived back home after a brief chat with ma on the phone. My neighbour Rosco, his wife has an extremely attractive sister from Korea I believe, her and her mother are here in anticipation of the impending bundle of joy and terror expected to arrive imminently. So I’ll leave it at this for now. I’m going to explore the shore some more and see if I can’t get some good wording together for a short tale. 10:20am

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