Confusion and a life of her own

Breathless, as though she ran a marathon. Her hair in tangles and life flushing her cheeks to the colour of ripe tomatoes. I asked her if she was ok. -Yeah, was the distant response from her doubled over frame, gulping at air. “You sure?” -Yeah.. “Ok, fair enough. I’m going to be putting around straightening my shelves. Don’t go knocking anythin’ over or breakin’ anythin’, ok? Else I’ll have you work it off for me, dusting trinkets and what-not.” -Fair enough sir. I beamed at this, being called sir, the manners of this fine young lady with the honey gold eyes. Auburn hair brushing delicate shoulders kissed with freckles. “What did you say your name was darlin’?” -My name’s Sarah and I’m lost. This is sound crazy, but…. What world am I in?”

And that ladies and gentlemen, is where she lost me. I wasn’t expecting to make it about Sarah. She’s working her way into my works even further and she seems to have a mind of her own. I’m going to focus on her now I think. Or see where she walks into my mind and onto my screen. Either one. I’ll let her decide.

Posted from amongst the tangled interwebs…


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