Sarah’s rain dance

She danced in the rain, spinning with her arms out, hair whipping water back through the air and laughing in marvellous delight. 40 long years had passed and it felt good to be back in this world, the Key World, and it felt just as good to feel REAL rain. When she would have donned a sundress with basic cosmetic touches, now she wore tattered denims, old cowboy boots with the upper and lower toes bound by thin scraps of cloth, what’s left of a long sleeve button up, faded blue and black chequered shirt, and a dusty old leather, wide brim hat covering tangles of auburn hair and honey gold eyes, dry lips absorbing the rain, exposing one chipped tooth in an almost perfect smile.

Landing in what would become “The Eastern Wastes”, Sarah spun slower, recognising the leaning structure of the abandoned silos from the world she just left, the once central and restored hub to the old gem town, Hurmus.

40 years ago, before she fell between the worlds landing in a time that was 1018 years in the future from her original time, a collapsed world of lost magic, remembered tales, and forgotten faces had awaited her, where the most beautiful song is sung by roses, and the fate of the world rests on a Gunslingers pride.

She couldn’t get back, not this time, but she did have one thing left up her sleeve. She could bring him to her, at no cost to anyone but her already splitting mind. If she needed to, she would pull him into her world, and together they would take the Crimson King’s rook with a pawn and storm the castle.

So an idea for Sarah finally? It could be…. Bout time she made herself useful

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautifully written 🙂


    1. Thank you Illicit 🙂 Sarah seems to be growing as a character, a life of her own almost 🙂


      1. It’s Ritika, if you may.


  2. That I may 🙂 sorry Ritika 🙂


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