My dilemma

To stay or to go? Head further east straight after Christmas or go north? I’m almost at a compete loss in what to do. My brains telling me not to be stupid and to work a solid foundation to jump from. I don’t want to do that, my Brain and my subconscious work together to bring me down. I’ll go with my instincts and keep pressing on, if I stop, I’ll drown.

So after I leave donnybrook, where to? This gives me a few days to call around and find work and a backpackers before I set off again on my journey. So far there have been hiccups in my road, a few set backs and some minor damage done to my self esteem. The term “Driven” is an understatement, “Possessed and Obsessed” would be closer. So before I sign this one off and bail for a bit, I’ll leave u with this.

I’ve been down, I’ve been out. I’ve slept in the gutter and rose above it all to find myself and what I want from life. I’ve partied and laughed, I’ve mourned and lost, I’ve loved and lived and finally, I am alive. I used to blame others for my problems, I used to use “victim of circumstance” when the reality is, I was the problem. Focused on the mundane and my own selfish needs that I neglected what my heart was telling me, Escape!!

So finally I did. After fucking around for more years than I’ll ever admit, I’ve changed, I’ve woken up and realised life is what you make it. Start making it a life worth living. For your own sake

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