On my mind :)

A couple of weeks ago, I met a girl while I was having a cigarette out shopping. I was sat in just my casual attire and she was dressed to kill, she was out doing stuff, and by what I could tell, it was of the evil, ‘Work’ variety.

It being summer, we were both wearing shades that covered about 80% of our faces and I’m pretty sure I might have smelt like a foot stuffed inside an armpit, sweat has a bad habit of fucking up my day. Shit, I’m gonna drift again if I don’t focus.

So I was sat there thinking I was enjoying my day when this impeccably gorgeous, 5”6′, brunette, heart-stopper asked if she could sit next to me. I was swift to reply with a “Yeah that cool” I was already hoping she would sit next to me as it was. Needless to say my already sweet day, just jumped to another level.

She sat down, rolled herself a cigarette, rummaged through a seemingly “bottomless bag” that comes as a “factory standard” to most women for a lighter, and just as I manage to stop checking her out from behind the privacy of my sunnies and think to offer her my own, she finds her own flame stick and waves mine off with a small smile.

She looks like a cool chick, she has a certain vibe about her and I wonder just how cool she is. I get a text message from a buddy requesting troops on clash of clans so I fire up the best loved game on my phone and turn it up just a little so I can hear my troops being slaughtered as I drop them will-nilly all over the show.

The loading screen fires up, the opening tune sounds and I see her turn her head my way and she says “Is that clash of clans?” I said “It sure is”. This chick just got a massive tick in my book, if she says anything else as wicked as that, I might just ask her to marry me here and now, and I don’t want to get married. Ever.

And that sparks up a conversation of games and what we play, and how long we’ve been playing. How much money we spend (she spends nothing and I spend about $20 every few months when they do a promo for clash). I Inform her “My name is Lynden” she responds by extending her hand, taking me by surprise yet again and shaking mine with a pleasant “I’m Allie” that was accompanied by a radiant smile.

After we exchanged a few more words, she lets me know she has to head off into town in a minute when the bus gets here so I wish her all the best and watch her walk down the steps and into the bus shelter. I sit there for another 30 seconds or so before deciding “Fuck it, I’m going to ask her for her number”. I stand up, inhale a deep breath and wander down the same stairs I just watched this Intriguing woman walk down to see her sitting idly.

“I don’t want to push my luck, but do you think I could get your number?” I’m pretty sure she considered saying no, I’m not entirely sure why, but she accepted my phone and put her number in and passed it back to me. I was thrilled. I ended up texting her that day and saying hello, letting her know “It’s stranger danger from the bus stop 🙂 it was a pleasure to meet you today” she sent me a message back saying she was pleased too and then I moved towns. Literally a few days later.

So I relocated and she crossed my mind daily. Still trying to get a clear read on her reaction and if I should message her again, I kept quiet and went about my business wondering if I crossed her mind. I doubted it but a man can hope.

I headed back to Bunbury day before Christmas eve and accidentally sent her a message on the morn’ of Christmas eve, I was meant to message another friend but woke up with her name on my mind and that’s who I texted without even thinking about who I was meant to be messaging. It was straight up first thing I did. I woke up. I randomly message her asking something that could have gone terribly and as it turns out, she sent me a message back, surprised me yet again by being more than I expected and we hit it off.

As of this evening, I have asked her to join me for food, drinks and mindless dribble 🙂 she has agreed and I’m pretty excited. She’s a gamer girl, she has an engaging mind from what I can gather and fingers crossed, aye? Anything can happen. I want to learn more about her. She’s quite something 🙂

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