Allie 2.0 : The Update

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Holy shit. This woman is truly amazing. Smart, funny, witty, caring and stronger than she recognises. She’s humble, self conscious, life living and makes me feel at peace. After our date night 2 nights ago, we woke up to go for a walk through the bush, over what seemed like mountains of sandy scrub, and enduring the harsh warmth beating down from the flaming ball of asshole, tucked up safely out of my grasp in the highest reach of the sky.

It was about 9:30am, cloudless and perfect conditions for lovers to make their way to the big blue beyond and enjoy the day. The sand was white with turquoise water breaking whiter foam as it rode closer to the shore. Standing on an empty beach, we could easily spot ships and other assorted vessels, dotted out in the vast expanse of the sea while we slipped off our shoes and danced our way over hot sand, on-towards our cool relief known as H²O.

Shorts and chicken legs for me. Tanned warrior legs and short shorts for her. It was clear to see who has the sex appeal here. Her long brunette hair waved slightly in the breeze as she made her way up to her knees into the moderately salty water and I danced around on the shore about how cold it was on my toes…

Swallowing fresh air and my fear of fun, I step out Into the wild blue yonder and am met with a quick kiss and a cheeky smile, as she tries-and-fails miserably to trip me. Calling her a “Cheeky Shit”, I wrap my arms around her and kiss her cheek while she asks me, “Is it salty?” My response is a full face lick and a definitive ‘Yes, it’s delicious. Your face’

Laughing and holding each other, we wait for the waves to come in and fully subdue these harsh, debilitating temperatures. After she tries to trip me again, I hold her close and make my way closer to the shore, where I can drop us both under without having to fear a watery grave. Getting sand from asshole to breakfast, she breaks away and dives under a wave to rinse the sand out.

When she stands up again she’s clearly animated and shouting “Holy shit!! Look at this huge fish!” And sure enough, the 3 foot shadow of an unspecified fish swam around her a couple of times and then it actually went between her legs for a couple of laps before taking off to deeper water again. Fucking awesome. So close to perfection and the day had only just begun.

After we splash around for a bit and try “The Tripping Game” a few more times, we make our way to the shore where I kick water at her and run away, using guerilla tactics I picked up while fighting “inner factions” during my fantasy days. Her response is to “Shape up”, so I do. Did I mention she won medals in state and nationals for “Tae Kwan Do?” Well any way, she’s got some sharp skills to go with her silver tongue and she’s a ball of fun.

After we cool off again and collect our things, we head back up the dunes and away from the waterside heavenly retreat to trek back through the bush. Stopping halfway up and looking back at the the sandy siren trundling along behind me, I spot a dark shadow looking as though it’s going to breach the surface. I point it out to Allie and when she follows where I’m pointing, we see a dolphin jump a clear, 6-7ft in the air. It was magnificent.

It certainly gets her excited as she yells again in delight “Oh my god! Holy crap. That was awesome” she’s grinning from ear to ear, even through her sunniest I can see how her eyes look, and she was happy. She asks me if I’ve ever swum with dolphins, I’m sad to say I haven’t folks. It’s on my “to do” list though. She has and she says its good shit. This girl is brilliant. Not only is she tip top, for some reason unknown to me, she likes me too.

I’ll wrap it up here. Its around lunchtime in the story and we got home for lunch. I’ll do an evening recap later on. Let’s just say “The finer things” and I’ll elaborate later 🙂 thanks for reading 🙂

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