Fuck this. Well, not by the time I finished writing it.

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It’s been 2 weeks since I got back. 2 weeks. So far, I’ve started another blog, made some new friends and lost various others (not really bothered). I’ve been given a rude shock by a party who isn’t allowed to be named due to legal reasons and last of all, I feel utterly defeated in every sense of the word.

Close to what seems like a mental breakdown. Even closer to throwing in the towel with everyone and keeping to myself. When I think about people, I want to see them but I don’t want to have to socialise. I don’t want to leave, nor do I want them in my space. I have 3 exceptions to this. Allie, Tomo and Kate. These three for some reason beyond me, have a great deal of my love and respect. Let me start you off with Kate.

Kate and I have been “sort of” friends since high school. Saw each other here and there after school and happened to reestablish a friendship over the last 5 months or so. She was a friend of “BD” when we danced our tango, and so it happens I see Kate. Then we start hanging out and talking again too. It’s a small world.

Kate’s always been bubbly, friendly and charming. At this point in time tho, she’s having some personal issues that have dimmed a little of her shine, but I know it’s still in there. I can see it. She’s a fighter, a loving mother and a kind spirit. So a long story short, there’s history there that I’ve been in the process of writing about for the last few weeks, but I’ve been distracted and a little distressed. So it sits unfinished and incomplete. With Kate being one of my favourites, let me move on to Allie.

Allie’s the funniest person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. If you’ve been following my other blogs, you might be familiar. As it stands, Allie is funny, a bit of a brute at times and a passionate woman. Her mind is sharp, her wit has bite and she’s one hell of a beauty. I met Allie maybe a month ago now, at the shop and talking shit. We hit it off I thought, I asked her for her number and the rest is history. She’s a find. And she has a soul, an awesome chick and a great human.

We were walking through the shop the other day and she stops dead, looks me in the eye, drops her arm with an extended finger to a bit of rubbish on the ground and says “Pick it up. Now. Do it.” So I do… She laughs and starts walking again. Eventually, I catch up to her and spot a snack pack, peelable lid on the floor. It looks like its covered in chocolate. I stop her, smile like a Dickhead and tell her to pick it up. She does, she doesn’t hold back either. She scraped that chocolate sludge off the floor and bins it, informing me “I’ll get mine” something about the coal in her eyes, says she’s telling the truth. This game go on for about 20 minutes while we wait for our food and horse around. We get each other to “Pick it Up” in front of other shoppers too. Causing weird looks and silenced whispers. Someone needs to medicate these 2. They’re crazy…

And finally we get to my best mate, Tomo. Tomo and I have been friends for 17 years. His sister is my brothers best friend and that’s how I met Tomo. Mum sent me up the road to collect my little brother from his friends house, I met his friend, (complete wacko, very funny), her name is Morgyn and I met her older brother “Tomo”.

Now the thing with Tomo, is he is a cynical, narcissistic nerd with a Passion for the obscene and abstract. He’s funny, musically gifted, generally talented and has put up with my shit for a long time. Too long perhaps. We have fought, laughed, cried and suffered together. I’ve watched in jealousy as his charisma strikes women dumb and willing, and I’ve watched him go from a punk kid, to a semi respectable young man. I’ve seen more of his ass than I like to admit, and too much of his balls. It’s been an incredible journey and I love this guy. He’s the metaphorical-bees, literal-segmented knees.

And so concludes my post. I was feeling real shitty and down when I wrote this, but thinking of these fond memories has given me a smile and a new appreciation of the people who make an impact on my life. I hope this post inspires you to appreciate who you have. It has me.

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