Facebook thanks.

And the blog is getting hammered… Again… Next step, is start arranging the contents and getting a rough concept together for the book.

To all the people I’ve written about, that material will be included in the book, I’ve done the research and it’s legal. So that means, Tim, Megz, Dale, Darren, Kate, and various others will be immortalised in writing.

Once I’ve finished this initial debut, I can focus fully on Dale And Tess in “Wind” and on Jansen and Sarah in “Wanderer”. Dale and Tess is a simple story and fully written and conceived in my head. Sarah and Jansen are going to be harder. They are going to be my crowning work and break me from this shitty existence into the realm of better things.

I will continue blogging and releasing various material from all three blogs in a semi compilation. It’s been a long fucking road so far. My world’s flipped numerous times and I’ve done more than you’ll ever know.

To all the people that doubted me, gave me shit and refused to read my material, fuck you. just you watch this “Arrogant Prick” rise even higher, go further and dream bigger than you could possibly imagine. The difference between us, is I’m doing it. Hell, I’ve almost done it. What are you doing? Chasing a dream or living a nightmare? Yeah i’m broke most the time, struggling and feel defeated at times too, but it’s what I love. I’m happy to suffer for my art. So please, keep watching, hating and scorning me. It only furthers my fire.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported me, helped me and given me reason to drive forward harder. A few names are but not all, so please don’t be offended if I don’t mention you.

Kelli for taking a risk with me and getting me down to the brook, without the initial break, I would still be doing fuck all. Thank you.

Miranda for her honest truth and feedback in regards to my writing. If I didn’t get that first inbox saying you love my personal blog, I would have gave up. A few kind words move mountains.

Katee and my other mate Kate, I know you 2 read my works. One of the reasons I write is for you 2 nosey ladies. I hope you enjoy what I do. Your support is greatly appreciated

Nanna Lesley, I owe you many thanks too. I know the years haven’t been kind to us, but the support you have given me is priceless. I shall journey up soon and we can draft up a contents and do an initial pitch or something.

To the ladies that have been the stars of some of my more emotionally inclined and romantic pieces, I thank you. Without the Passion you ignite in my heart, I would never have been able to craft the words that are inspired by you. A few of you don’t like what I’ve written, I don’t care. What I do care about is the fact that you read it. Even if it is just spite and malice. Or curiosity and a secret Passion. Either way, I call that a win, even if I didn’t finish with any of you.

Lewis, I owe you some special thanks too. It’s been barely a year man, but we shared some intense times and I’ve watched you suffer more than you know. You’re a good guy man, I fucking love you. Just keep that head straight and your chin up. I know you can do incredible things, but its up to you to do them.

Moey. You are the main source of inspiration for me. From newton Moore, to the vat, to Blair street and beyond. It’s been an adventure man. You’ve done things that inspire me to keep going. I love the kind words you send and the support you give and I wish you the best my brother.

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I’m sorry. Amy, Allie, Trev, Levi, Tahlia, Megz, Caitlin, and everyone else. Thank you, I love you all and your memories shall live forever in my heart.

So let me wind up by saying, the journey is nowhere near done. Fuck, its barely just begun. But it is here, and I’m still going to be published, I’m still going to love writing and I will never be silenced. Writing is my purest joy

Posted from amongst the tangled interwebs…


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