Shoot myself in the foot. Again.

Surprise. Guess who’s the biggest fool, again. Me. So its not really a question, more of a statement. Want to know what I’ve done? I met the most incredible woman of my life, truly the only one for me and today, I decided to break things off with her. I am truly a fool. She makes me laugh, smile, she makes me happy and makes me forget most of my troubles when I look at her. We had a great thing going, but I am an intense guy and I feel way too much, way too soon.

If there comes a day and she wants to try again, even after I panicked and threw shit away. Even when she can see how emotionally involved I can get, I won’t say no. Why did I break it off? Coz I didn’t want get as attached as I already am. She swallowed my heart and I want to absorb her’s in return. God, that woman was perfect. Is perfect. ❤ xx

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