Farm vs The world.

A post about my penis 🙂

Me vs You.
My “Mr. Tycoon vs The President” against your “Cheese Crusted Limp Noodle”.

Yes. My dick is really called “Mr. Tycoon vs The President”. And everyone else, including the ladies, are the latter of the two in the aforementioned statement. That’s common knowledge around here, you better learn quick before you get schooled. Bitch. But anyway, now you’re all familiar with my package, let’s move on.

As I was saying. It’s Me (farm), against the whole fucking world. It’s not a mutual thing. No. Certainly not. I’m of the firm opinion, that the world needs minds like mine. It is I who challenges the world.

I stand here mentally screaming and challenging you to try and “Fuck on me”, while I’m swinging my good mate, “Mr Tycoon vs The President” (surely there’s a shortcut I can input so I don’t have to keep spelling my dick’s name, it’s getting tiresome) around, busting jaws and fertilising eggs with his purple head. I’ll fuck the whole world and leave it breathless.

Next. I have decided to go to my local “T.A.F.E” as to enquire about… —Duh duh daaaaaah!!! Publishing. I had the idea today, whilst I was in the throws of a delicate bowel movement. I thought to myself, I’m going to start a publishing firm. To help get young West Australian writers to their feet and a few steps into their own incredible journey. And wouldn’t you know it, as usual, it’s a brilliant idea. Literally just crapped it out. Impressive, no?

So while I’m busy violently impregnating the Earth and praying it’s not some sort of “mutant freak”, I’m going to try my hand at something a bit more serious than what I usually tackle, and that’s “Getsin me a good edakation”. So not only will I be fucking y’all, I’ll be tucking you in at night, and checking the closet for monsters less than I. Meaning, I’ll be doing it all. Coz I wouldn’t fuck half of you with his dick.

So after realising I’m just writing more epic bullshit that isn’t going anywhere, I might start a new post about more useless shit. Thanks for reading.

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