Comfortable Skin. A logical assault.


Content. That’s what I am. I know who I am and it’s no surprise to me. I’m an intellectual who likes to offend and challenge you. If you can’t logically defend an argument without turning into a bitch, I’ll play you on that. It’s called entertainment. And if you can’t see what I’m doing, then you deserve to be the target of my fire.

Racists and bigots. I’ll give you some fat to chew. Logical fat. And you’ll claim your a vegetarian and aren’t allowed to chew it. Grow the fuck up. We are all human. We all deserve peace and if your beliefs make you think you’re the exception to this rule, I’ll fuck with you too. I’m the kind of guy who loves acceptance. I don’t care if you’re an Islamic practitioner or an atheist. Respect me and my values, and I respect yours.

Fuck. I just want to tell you how fucking retarded you are, with shit for brains. The religion doesn’t determine character, the individual does. I’m an extremist in a sense, with my constant attacks on your “values”. I don’t give a fuck, deal with it. I support Islam and all faiths. I don’t listen to the propaganda distributed by the media and hate mongers. I have my own mind. I’ll research and “Step outside my comfort zone” to find the truth. If you believe everything you read without looking from all angles, you’re a fuckwit. And better apologise to that tree for providing your oxygen.

I hate small minds. Islam isn’t evil. The extremists are. And that goes for Catholics and Christians too. You’re all delusional hypocrites with a solid faith, in an unfounded deity. And they’re all different, in some small way. Yet they’re all “the true path”. Again, grow the fuck up.

All you need to get into heaven, is to be a decent human. Think you’ll get there with hate in your heart? And I’m not even religious, yet I understand this simple principle. If you were truly devout religious folk, you would accept your fellow man as he is and cut the shit. Morons.

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