Opening page to “Quietly Ranting and Raving”


**Opening Page**

“Dedicated to those who doubted me. May someone piss on fire to put you out, because I won’t.” Lynden J Hope.

It’s been a struggle. Both socially and privately. I’ve lost more friends than I thought I had, but that’s the price you pay for trying to make something of yourself. When the going currency is self respect and happiness, I’m happy to pay with ‘Them’.

To me, this is the most important thing I can do. I’m passionate about it, and I’m fucking GOOD at it. Sometimes I sit and laugh at how easy it actually is to craft the words on my 3 blogs. At others, I can’t even think of my own damn name.

Some days I don’t even want to write, others days I can’t stop. Everything has to come out. Good and bad. And as soon as this court issue has cleared up, you can expect a massive exposé and enlightening post. It’s going to be amazing. So much fury and pain. So many tears cried and finally, the end is in sight.

For those of you who “know” me personally, you don’t know a fucking thing, and as far as I’m concerned. I can count my “friends” on my fingers. I see who you are… Dirty, sneaky snakes with constantly shedding skin. You disgust me. You shame me by association and I’m glad I washed my hands of you.

“He’s being arrogant again…”

Uhhhh…. No, I’m not. I’m being honest. While you silently judge me for doing something I love, I’m audibly judging you. For being a pussy, for not chasing that dream you always talk about,, and for being comfortable being miserable.

I can go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about shit, believe me, and I want to. But today’s post is about you. Not me. So while you fail to interpret these blatant insults and degradation, I’ll succeed in my career of “Being the best me I can be”. With the exception of drilling dickheads online, and face to face if the occasion rises.

So let me wrap this up by saying “Fuck you very much, I did it without you”. I remember 6 months ago when I seriously started writing, and then a month ago when I decided to turn my blog into a book. In 6 months, I’ve come so far, yet the road is just beginning.

After I publish the initial release, hopefully the windfall will be enough so I can study and get this firm off the ground. Just you watch. In ‘x’ years, L. J Farm is going to be a worldwide firm, giving indi writers a chance to get out there. Think I’m fucking around? Look how far I’ve already come. Just trying and stop me.

Posted from amongst the tangled interwebs…


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