Turbo Tuesday.

My ma and I, in New Zealand

Regardless of the emotional discomfort, today has been incredible. Fucking amazing. Allow me to enlighten you.

First off, i received a call this morning and have started the steps to developing my own publishing firm, by getting my diploma in business at Uni.

Second. I got a message, letting me know a publisher is going to call within the next 48 hours. I’m nervous, excited and scared. I think it’s all finally coming together.

And lastly, as soon as this court issue is sorted out, I’m going to cut myself open and tell you everything. Every. Fucking. Thing. Can you imagine? All the secrets I hold, all the lies we told. All the drugs we took. Everything. It’s a “tell all” story, and it’s going to change lives and possibly, ruin happy families. But that’s life, and regardless of the consequences, I’m telling everything.

So ladies and germs, look towards that. I am. And you, you can look forward to flushing white hot with fear at my craft. You spiteful bitch. Think you’ll get away unscathed? I’ll fucking crucify you.

I can’t wait for this nightmare to end and I can legally write about it. It’s going to be an effort, an epic even. We shall see.  All I can say, is shit is going to be crazy. Believe me.

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