Dedicated to Alan Rickman.

Rest in Peace

Thursday, 14th of January. 2016. This evening, social media has delivered breaking news. The confirmed death of beloved British actor Alan Rickman was broken to the world. A true giant amongst those he worked beside in the film industry, and a diverse talent. To say the least, this man was remarkable at his craft, and his passing will cast a shadow upon the world.

Some of the films he appeared in were: A Little Chaos, Die hard, Dogma, Sweeny Todd, the 1978 production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, and many more. Many many more. His distinct voice and characteristics will be missed upon the big screen, but whenever I read Snape’s words in “Harry Potter”, I’ll always hear his voice.

To say I was a fan of his work is an understatement. There’s very little I haven’t seen of his, but I think this weekend calls for An Alan Rickman Movie Extravaganza. Presented on the small screen by Farm. Starting in chronological order and working my way forward through time. My condolences go his wife, Rema Horton and Mr. Rickman’s siblings. His presence in both classical and modern theatre will be missed. Rest easy my friend, you are already missed.

Alan Rickman in his get-up for dogma, holding the ken doll his character was modelled off.

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