Today, is a beautiful day.


Today is Thursday, the 14th of January and it’s a bright, sunny, summer’s day with cloudless skies over the flat blue ocean. It’s a day to get things done, to treat ones self to a small indulgence of the burger variety and to do a bit of writing. And today starts as usual, with me running to catch the bus as it approaches the stop 50 metres from my house. This time, I didn’t lose a shoe, I didn’t drop anything, not did I miss the bus. As usual, my timing is perfect hahaha.

After I had successfully stumbled into my seat, the driver peels off through Withers, picks up a few more people and to my utter delight, I get an elderly woman sit behind me with a mouth that runs like a sewer. I’m a great cusser, I’ll cuss motherfuckers out till the cows come home. But this woman, this seemingly sweet and endearing old lady, stunned me with her vulgar mutterings and crazy whispered laugh.

If she didn’t have a screw loose, she was damn close to having one fall out. Between mutterings of “stupid pig fucking bastards” and other “statements that had such a thick coat of acid to them, they would have melted her teeth as they passed her lips”, I’ll leave it to your imaginationimage


To my relief, the bus from Hell finally makes its final stop at the central station in town. Lumbering down and eager to get away from the elderly demon and her bizarre mutters, I see an eye catching mural being done on the wall of the Graham Bricknell Music Shell. At first I didn’t see the artist as she was standing back out of my line of sight and when she apparated into my sight, I got the urge to ask if I can take some pics while she’s working away, breathing a fresh, new breath of life into the once sullen and dull wall. She says that’s OK and asks if I can do candid. I tell her that’s probably the best way, keep doin what you do. And thank image


After I take a few shots and give her a brief interrogation (She started this wall yesterday, yes she has Instagram, and if you want a link, you’ll find it here.) I let her know I’ll be doing a write up about it for my blog and instagram, she says that’s all good, so i thank her for her graciousness, and make my way over to the shopping centre, adjacent to the side of the bus station to do a few things and get something image

to eat.

The centre is cool, I forget it’s still school holidays, so there are kids running around from asshole to breakfast, and that alone is enough to send me to target to pick up some headphones to drown out the noise and help me think. I already know that I’ll be writing a massive bit this afternoon, I just wasn’t sure on what. Well, I had an idea, but now it’s concrete.

Sitting in coffee club enjoying a bacon brunch burger and people watching. And speaking of people watching, there were some people to watch indeed. Let me tell you about one of them. She was 5ft tall, blonde and had her arms full. Since the cafe is crowded in a bad day, and today being a good day. She could barely turn around. I can see an accident happening, and all it’s gonna take is CRASH!! And that was it, she hit the chair pressing up against her leg, fell into the table next to her, and dropped her arm load of stuff on a passing waitress, causing her to spill her tray. Like I said, tight maneuvering and trouble…

Chaos ensued. I was playing it over in my head when the gentleman next to me gruffs out, “Seen that coming” with a gravelly throat chuckle. “Haha, as did I mate, and I’m still seeing it”. With that, I finish the last scrap of bacon and turkish, then push my plate to the centre of the table, while pushing my chair out and wishing the old timer a good day, I walk ouimage

t the door.

A leisurely stroll with a cigarette, leads me back to the bus station to wait for the next stage of my day to begin. And while I wait, I’ll question Anya a little more. I ask her if she’s local, she says she comes from perth. I ask her when she started and she says yesterday morning. I was blown away. I asked her if she’ll be around later this afternoon, she says she still has to do theimage

second wall. 

She’s charging through that first wall, and by the time I make it back to town tomorrow, she’ll be near on done with the second. I should have grabbed a “before shot”, of the second wall, that way I could stress the process and how fast she’s doing it. Incredible. It’s always a joy seeing art being created.

Bidding her farewell again, I board the bus to Eaton. And this time, my heart starts pounding. This trip is what I’ve been looking forward to and dreading for the last 48 hours. I’m heading to Eaton to find a florist. To get some flowers to send to a girl I like and was stupid enough to let go. She’s pissed at me to say the least, and I don’t blame her. I still like her immensely, hopefully the flowers will show it. It takes about 25 mins to get to where I need to go. And my time is short.

I have a 7 minute window to make it back to the stop and catch the bus back to town, otherwise it’s an hours wait for the next one, or a 15km walk along the highway and through the sweltering heat. And I still have to find the fucking florist yet. Luckily it doesn’t take long and after giving the chick a msg to put in the card, which reads “Look not long at what’s offered, for everything  precious has wings and may fly away”, something short and sweet, and she will know who sent it. I just hope she accepts them and reads the card.

I’m walking over the parking lot when I see the bus coming again. I run. I bet you already knew that though, didn’t you? So after jumping on, again, my heart starts racing as I wonder how she’s going to take the flowers. Probably with a jump shot at the bin and a swish. 3 points. From down town… Probably. But for now, I doubt I’ll get any recognition for it, so I’m not holding my breath. The trip back to town doesn’t take long, green lights, no stops and Hilltop Hoods beating into my ears, keeping my brain and nerves calm makes it a blur.

When the bus pulls in again, it changes to the bus I need to catch to get home, so I stay where I am and wait for him to head off again, this time it’s directly down the beach, past the Minninup Forum and past the maidens park. Quick, efficient and smooth. Much like today. No hiccups, mo fuck arounds, and certainly no drama. Today was a great of day. Thanks for reading.

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