Bible study. Cracked Edition

I bet when you saw the word bible, either one of two things happened.

A. You got a surge of pride and sang silent praise, then quickly withdrew said praise when you saw the words ‘Cracked’, offering curses and plagues in exchange for my blatant blasphemy.


B. You got a cold chill and a sense of discomfort, followed by relief when you read the word ‘Cracked’. In fact, you might have smiled a little. That sense of comfort your feeling right now? Enjoy it, everyone deserves comfort, and my readers should be the most comfortable of all.


Now we have hit all the nails on the head, and made our cuts to fit, let’s continue.

Allow me to welcome you to a post dedicated to all things awesome. As we know, the internet is flooded with negativity. Complete horse-shit most the time. Negative bombardment, propaganda and hate mongering, Kardashians and the madness surrounding the bullshit of celebrity culture. It’s awful. But there is a bright side. And that bright side is as follows..

Today I’ll be touching on the happy side of the internet. A place I call home. A place that’s bathed and swathed in delicious, golden light and is ready to welcome anyone, everyone, with open arms. It’s a place where dreams are realised, and hopes are shared. It’s a new culture emerging and taking over, and that’s what this post is about. The culture of Net-Dwellers.

Off the top of my head, my 2 favourite sites to explore are and Both never fail to entertain.

Introducing CRACKED.

Sourced from

I’ve been a fan of cracked for quite some time now. I don’t know how I first stumbled across the brilliance that is All I can tell you for sure is, I’ve never been bored while trawling through the depths of the forums. Some of the contributors have truly incredible garbage to share. And by garbage, I mean fan fiction, conspiracy theories, concepts and ideas. Reviews and photoplasty.

Every week, the site manages to interact with its fan base by giving us the chance to contribute to articles in the works, and by interacting with each other via our profiles. If you see an account that consistently posts great material, send them a friend request. You never know who you’re connecting with. The site is chock full of brilliance and the YouTube channel is just as incredible.

If you “YouTube” ‘After hours‘ by cracked, you’ll find some awesome clips. Dan, Michael, Soren and Katie all make some solid arguments, while picking apart our favourite things. They’ll tell you why the Disney universe is darker than you could imagine, the theory on the Pixar universe. Want to know why the Jedi suck? They’ll tell you. My most loved site, and the articles published are a huge influence and inspiration to myself and how I want to write.

But it doesn’t stop there… No no no no no. Not even close.

Sourced from

Check out the site and channel now. I’ll wait for you to get back. I’ll give you a good hour. That should be enough time to navigate the site, become a member and contributor. I am 🙂

I’ll post various screenshots from the site 🙂 #DavidWong #JohnDiesAtTheEnd #ThisBookIsFullOfSpiders

If ads were counter productive.
If ads were counter productive.
If aspects of video games were real.


Just a little bit of material. Thanks for the reading guys and dolls. I’ll cover another site I like soon 🙂 stay tuned

Posted from amongst the tangled interwebs…


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