Let’s do a recap.


Welcome one and all. Today, I’ll be doing a recap. On myself. For those of you who haven’t read any of my more in-depth and personal posts, this is a surface skimmer. If you’re familiar with my insanity and dreams, then you should keep reading anyway, this will shed some more light.

First off. I’m a writer. First and foremost, writing takes the priority. Everything else is a distraction if it interferes with my day to day and freedom. To write is to be free. To express oneself as deeply as one can, is a gift, a blessing and at times, a curse (yeah, a little cliché for you). But when I write, there are no barriers, my mind is never blank and I always have something cooking in my mind. It’s time consuming, but I hardly notice.

Let’s call this ‘Love’. I love writing. If I didn’t have hands, I’d use speech. If no tongue, then I would play ‘Hellen Keller Charades’. You get me? There’s always a story to tell, whether that be a review, a heartfelt and emotional piece or just pure lunacy about bread and my hatred of vegetables. Always something…

But I said a recap, didn’t I? So let’s recap.

I left Bunbury to go to Donnybrook. I came back on December 23. Got a visit from the police on Christmas day informing me I can’t ——————————— because—history—————— and so legally, I’m not allowed to talk about it which is a bummer, but rest assured as soon as the blanket is lifted, hopefully early ——————– and then I can write about it. I’ll let you know.

Next, I met someone. But as usual I went and fucked that up so I won’t even go into it, but you could probably piece it together with some snooping and notes. So long story short, I let her go, then to add insult to injury I told her I don’t want to be friends. Because I like her too much to hang out without wanting to run my hands all over her, like we do anyway. She’s probably insane with my luck and history, so I may have dodged a bullet, but I miss her. And her hilarious nuttery.

A couple of days ago, renowned development team, ‘A Thinking Ape’ shared to their twitter, my post about the community and development team behind one of the games I play, one they developed. So that was a huge honour for me and I was well chuffed. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make something of this writing thing.

And lastly, I’ve been looking into relocating to The United States. This probably won’t be for some time and certainly not until the legal matters have been resolved and I have established work and a place to live. I’ve started reading, researching the working visa, 7 years should be plenty. I need to find work there first and start the petition to start the working visa process.

In order to work there, I need work ready, and someone to speak for me. Ladies and gentlemen, would you speak for me? Would you help this dreamer make his way from the Land Down Under, to the State Side? I was originally going to travel my own country, but I think my dream lies over the sea. It’s been speaking to me in my dreams. I can feel it now, as I write this. It’s kind of like a slight pressure and butterflies in the chest. Like excitement calling. And if you never try, then you’ll never know…

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