Invisible feet.

Have you ever known what you want to do, but can’t seem to find a niche? For gamers, it could be tactical is your specialty. If you’re a comedian, politics could be your thing. Musicians, you might work more on your individual sound, and that’s the same for writers I think. To find your distinct sound that separates you from the rest. I love to write. But I’m not entirely certain, what my niche is.

I like to write reviews and side stories to works I like. I like to expose my most intimate thoughts and desires. I love to write these hateful, angry murders. I also love to write about fuck all. You see my dilemma? Most writers I can think of specialise in certain genres. I don’t want that. Well I do, but I also want to be able cater to those who don’t know what they want. People like myself. People like you. I read all sorts. Anything.

So what I’m getting at, is can you, the reader, please give me some feedback on what you enjoy reading and I’ll focus on that? Feel free to email me at 🙂 thanks guys and dolls.

Posted from amongst the tangled interwebs…


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