New Device. Always a struggle.

Good evening all. I hate to complain, really I do… But as a statistical anomaly, I must this time. I love WordPress, truly. If she could be programmed into a fembot, I would wife it. But today, I’m of a different opinion.

Today, I received the new windows phone for my birthday, but alas, WordPress isn’t the same as my old HTC. I’m guessing that since it’s basically a handheld browser, and doesn’t run off the google play store, it doesn’t have the same app as android, and when I open the app it goes strait to a browser.

First off, its not terribly bad, it runs smoothly enough. The keypad is larger so I make less mistakes, but it’s always tricky getting the hang of a new gadget.

Second. I can’t get clash of clans or kingdoms at war, the screen doesn’t automatically scroll as I type and the fonts and links are p the top and aren’ a set position a one the keypad. It’s a little gruelling having to fuvk around and scroll up and down, back and for the same shit I could easily access and apply into my writing. But as I said, with enough support, maybe we could pressure Microsoft into making a deal with google play. But I’m not a programmer now do I have any concept of how the OS works. Let’s just assume I’m a dick head and have no idea what I’m talking about. But yes. WordPress, you guys need to make me happy. Which means you need to develop an app for the windows phone that is set up like the standard android app. Seriously. Fix it.


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  1. chiruhr says:

    A change to windows OS. Bro, that’s a lot to take.

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    1. It’s terrible haha. I knew I should have gone with HTC… But in due time Microsoft will get it done 🙂 if not, I’ll spam bill gates and other directors until my needs are met

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      1. chiruhr says:

        Android is freedom. Big time android fan over here and clash of clans is our life. Don’t leave anything that comes between you and your COC (sounds awkward) . LOL

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  2. I’ve decided to crack my phone and get bluestacks if possible. I need windows 10 to get clash back. Might be able to get away with it via bluestacks instead 😊


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