A couple of weeks ago I covered the website ‘CRACKED‘. This week, I want to enlighten you to the work of internet pest and creative genius David Thorne. David is an Aussie graphics designer currently residing in the United States where his site has gone viral and his books have given people serious stitches from inducing powerful bouts of uncontrolled laughter. A link to the site can be found here, take your time. His site will probably take u a couple of hours to read, the articles are on the left hand side. I’ll wait for you, I might even call an ambulance incase you find your breath eludes you.


I first stumbled across his site when my friend bought his book called “The Internet is a Playground” and told me to read “Missing Missy” available for your viewing pleasure here.

David shines a powerful light on abstract humour and instantly draws in the reader by providing immense joy and hilarity. I know I rant and rave a fair bit, but this bloke is a huge inspiration to myself and I wish I had his sense of humour, My humour is mainly steeped in “A battle of Bread” available here for your viewing pleasure, yes. I’ll wait for you to sample my sense of humour too 😉

To say he is funny is an understatement. I have never read anything quite si engaging, written so condescendingly and aimed directly at everyone and no one simultaneously. If I could sum up his style, in my opinion it would be “Fuck you. I’m doing it anyway”, and I would expect nothing less from such a gifted mind. He’s offensive, doesn’t hold back and very entertaining. He’s an award winning writer for obvious reasons, and the politically correct and religious hate him, and so that’s more points in his favour.

All images are taken from his site and I don’t own the rights to any of it, I’m just trying to enlighten the world to great talent, as I do. I usually send spam links to my friends with his site, just so they can have a much needed laugh and ease some stress. Laughter is the best medicine they say, and this guy is a Dr., ready to fill your prescriptions with giggles and your pants with your own piss. Give him a read. He’s brilliant. Thanks for reading guys and dolls, much appreciated. Farm out.


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